How to Claim Your Google My Business

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Having a business listing on Google is a great way to get new customers and expand your online presence. It legitimizes your business, and allows people to access your business information through a Google search. People can also request directions through Google Maps so that they can drive to your store.
If you’re not already managing a business profile through Google My Business, you’re missing out on the opportunity to see what advertising strategies are working to draw in more customers.
Before you can manage your business profile, you need to claim ownership and complete the verification process with Google. There are several options available to complete verification, but the most popular one is to receive a postcard in the mail with a verification code.

How to Verify Your Business Profile

You can verify your business on Google Maps or through your Google account on any computer or mobile device. The first step is to request your verification option.

How to Add a Business Listing Using Google My Business

Sign in to your Google My Business account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one. Click “Next” and then enter the business address of the business location you’re claiming. If you operate a service area business and don’t have a physical address for customers to access, select the service area instead.
You might be brought to a page on Google Maps to place a marker, which indicates where your store is located. If you operate a storefront, you’ll be asked to enter your business name, business address, and other relevant information such as the type of business you operate. If you’re a service area business, you’ll be asked to designate your service areas on the map.
Make sure that you add your business phone number and email address, and then review all the information to make sure it’s accurate. Click “Finish” and then select a verification method. Look for a confirmation email and follow the instructions therein.

How to Claim Your Business Profile Using Google Maps

To claim your business profile using Google Maps, sign in to your account and then enter your business name in the search bar. You’ll be offered a number of profiles that may have similar names so select the right one.
If your business doesn’t show up, go back to the search bar and select “Add your business.” The instructions on your screen will guide you through next steps.
Once your business is listed in the search, you can claim your business profile by selecting “Manage now.” You will be offered a list of verification options. Select the one you’d prefer most.
If you select the post card option, look in your mail for the card from Google as well as a confirmation email. Once you receive it, you can use the code on it to complete your verification. Everything you need to complete the process will be provided on the card.

The Benefits of Having a Business Listing

Having a Google listing for your business helps people find you in search results. You’d be surprised which search results your business might show up in!
Local businesses are normally shown based on the products and services they provide—and how relevant they are to users’ searches. Having a Google My Business profile helps current customers find your website and business information as well when they search for your business name.
When you manage your Google My Business listing, you can link it to your website, start adding photos, and advertise your products and services to your customers. You’re able to receive reviews and post responses so you’re able to stay in touch with your most loyal customers.
More customers discover businesses on Google My Business than they would if the business used email marketing or a website, alone.
Plus, Google My Business offers analytics that help you improve how well your business profile performs on Google Search. You can also see how people interact with your listing, when they’re most likely to give you a phone call and visit, and what keywords they use when searching for you.

The Bottom Line

A Google My Business listing is an easy-to-use tool that lets you manage how your business appears online. Before you can receive the full benefit of this tool, you need to verify your account. Verifying your business is pretty easy and straightforward.
Doing so also affords absolute certainty that your phone number, website, and other information is accurate so people can reach you. In addition to providing another free way to advertise your business, it lets you see how effective your other marketing strategies have been.