How to Connect with Google Business Profile Support

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Have questions about how to manage your Google Business Profile? We all get stuck sometimes and need support to answer our questions. Google has plenty of resources available, including an active community that can help you find solutions to the problems you’re having. Here are some tips for using the Google Business Profile support page, and how to connect with a real person when you can’t find what you’re looking for.

How to Verify Your Google Business Profile

You can access tips and learn how the verification process works by selecting “Verify Your Business” on the Google support page menu.

Updating the Business Info on Your Listing

The menu includes a section titled, “Update Your Business Info on Google” with a list of questions and answers that can guide you through changing details like your address, hours, and services. You can even add a location and post photos on your business profile.

How to Interact with Customers on Your Google Business Profile

You can interact with customers through chat, replying to reviews, posting updates on Google, and more. The menu under “Engage with Customers” shows you all the options you have for communicating with a customer and how to use Insights.

What Is GBP Insights?

Google Business Profile Insights lets you see how customers interact with your posting and how they find you on Google. You can also learn how best to sign off on your posts, what to highlight in your advertising, and what drives customers to your business.

How to Manage Posts on Your Google Business Profile

If your business serves customers at multiple locations, you may want to manage individual posts or post updates across all your businesses when you’ve got a special event or hours. Under the “Manage Profiles in Bulk” section, you can learn how to add locations, post to your business profiles in bulk, manage your business info, and reply to reviews.

Help for Specific Products and Services

The “Get Started” section has a menu of guides that can help businesses that offer specific services. Some of the topics include setting up a business profile and have the following categories:

  • Business profiles for healthcare providers;
  • Business profiles for auto dealerships;
  • Creating a business profile for a hotel;
  • Creating a service area business profile;
  • How to get started as a small business.

YouTube Help Guides

The menu also offers access to numerous guides on YouTube you can view, which offer tips on how to do everything from posting photos to engagement with your customers.

Google Support Community

Before seeking out a live person to help with your inquiry, you may want to check the community to see if anyone has made a post to address the issue you’re experiencing. The community boards allow business owners to help and support one another when they encounter common concerns.

When to Seek Live Support

If you’ve lost your sign-in information, want to know why your photos were rejected, or want to report inappropriate content customers have posted to your business profile, it might be more efficient to speak with a live representative. It’s important to make sure that your question isn’t already answered somewhere else before you connect with live support.

How to Connect with Google Support

Under the “Need More Help?” section are links to the help community and contact information for you to seek direction from a real person. Click on the “Contact Us” button and submit your inquiry.
You’ll need to enter your question. After that, the page will alert you if there are available resources that could answer it.
If the information provided doesn’t answer your concern, you can proceed to the contact options and select how you’d like to communicate with a representative.

The Bottom Line

When you sign in to your GBP account, you have the ability to communicate with customers, post photos, track how customers interact with your business profile, and more. Because there are so many features to navigate, you may feel lost at times. Google provides everything you need to resolve your issues so that you can manage your business profile effectively.
NOTE: As of December 2021, Google My Business (GMB) is now Google Business Profile (GBP). This article has been updated from the original postdate of March 10, 2021 to reflect this new name change and relevant information.