How to Keep Your Google Business Profile Updated

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NOTE: As of December 2021, Google My Business (GMB) is now Google Business Profile (GBP). This article has been updated from the original postdate of June 12, 2021 to reflect this new name change and relevant information. 
Ensuring that your customers have accurate information from your Google Business Profile account listing helps drive more people into your business. Updating contact info, information regarding hours of operation and holiday hours, physical address changes, and location information helps people stay informed about you. Here is why—and how—to update your Google Business Profile listings.

What Local SEO Google Search Results Show on Your Business Profile

Your business listing will show your business name, phone number, website, and physical address. It also provides a brief business description so that customers know more about the products and services you provide. Potential customers can use your business listing to visit your website, call you for more information, and request directions to your store on Google Maps.
Only businesses with a physical address are listed on Google Business Profile. Service area businesses can receive a listing if they provide a location where staff operates out of in their information. Once you have a verified business listing, you can update your business profile whenever you need to let your customers know about important changes to your business, inventory, discounts, and more.

Regularly Updating Your Business Listing Attracts New Customers

While it’s important to pay attention to your existing customers, you can also update your business profile to appear higher in Google Search results and create new business. If you don’t have up-to-date information, you’re less likely to convert these Google Search results into more customers. Monitoring your business profile regularly also allows you to see if anyone has left any feedback for you to address and/or respond to.

What You Can Edit in Your Business Profile

You can change any of the following business information in your Google Business Profile listing:

Business Name

If the name of your business isn’t displayed properly or you change your name or logo, you can update it so that the information is accurate and current.

Business Hours

Whether you need to change your opening/closing hours or have special holiday hours, it’s important to keep people informed so they know exactly when you’re business is open and closed.

Business Address

If you’re moving into a new location, make sure that you update your Google Business Profile listing to reflect your new address. If you’re opening multiple locations, you can edit the addresses of new stores or places of operation as you expand your business.

Business Category

If you notice that your business category isn’t accurate, you can change it. Some businesses update their business category when they offer new services that weren’t offered before. If you’re a service area business, it’s important to display this information.


You can add photos to your business profile. Some pictures you can showcase are the outside view of your location and any indoor product or service displays people are looking for on Google Search.

Brief Description

Your business profile includes a short description of your business. This provides you an opportunity to inform customers and attract them to your business. Make sure you include important business information that separates you from other, similar local businesses. If you fill online orders, be sure to include this as well.

How to Update Your Business Profile

You’re able to update your business listing through your Google account, the Google Business Profile app, or on Google Maps. The process is similar for all three methods.

  • Log in to your business or Google account;
  • Select the location you want to manage;
  • Click on the menu that says “Info;”
  • Find the section you wish to modify and click or tap on it;
  • Enter the new information and hit “Done Editing.”

Some information can’t be removed from business profiles. This includes information that is already publicly available, some forms of negative reviews, and Google Search keywords linked to your business’s primary category.
It can take as long as two months to remove old information from your profile. If you’re anticipating changes to your business, keep this in mind and update your business profile ahead of the expected changes.  For example, if you’re extending your service area, update the information two months before you intend to do so.
You can delegate the task of managing your business profile to managers and other employees within your business. To do this, just follow these steps.

  • Log in to your account as above;
  • Select the location you want to give someone permission to access;
  • Find the option that says “Users;”
  • There will be an option that says “Invite New Managers;”
  • You can add someone under three available roles: Owner, Manager, and Communications Manager. Select the appropriate role;
  • Choose the option to invite that person to manage your business profile.

The Bottom Line

Providing current information is important when you’re a local business that depends on foot traffic or provides services to a specific service area. Make sure to check your listing regularly to make sure it contains accurate information, and update it whenever something changes. You can use this feature to your advantage to announce sales and special hours and to let customers know when you have exciting new products or services for sale.

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