Instagram Reels: Benefits for Boosting Marketing

instagram reels
Instagram is known best as a photo-sharing social media platform, but the app has branched out with some significant updates over the past few years. 
The most recent Instagram update features a new way for creators and brands to put out content—but instead of pictures, you can now post short video clips called “Reels.” 
Consider this your guide to Instagram Reels and how you should use them to boost your brand. 

What Are Instagram Reels, and How Do You Create Them? 

Instagram Reels are pretty user-friendly and easy to use. Reels are three- to 30-second long videos that you can embellish with stickers, filters, your choice of audio (audio or music from your favorite artists), text, and more. You could upload a video from your camera roll, or you can create a Reel right in the Instagram app. Here’s how:
#1. Open Instagram and slide to the right of your screen to reveal the “Stories” screen, which features basic camera functions as well as many options for filming and editing.
#2. At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see four options for the types of content you can create—post, story, reels, and live—and select reels.
#3. Tap the record button to start the first clip of your Reel. You can record your Reel for a full thirty seconds or create multiple clips to create all kinds of effects in one Reel by tapping the record button again each time until you are ready to make your edits. If you want to take out one of your clips, tap the < button.
#4. If you’re satisfied with what you’ve recorded, click preview! You will find options for further personalizing your Reel at the top of your screen, like adding voice overs, adding music, changing the speed of your clips, adding effects, drawing doodles, and more!
#5. Once your preview is just how you want it, select next, write a caption, and click Share at the bottom of the screen. 

Why You Should Use Instagram Reels to Promote Your Brand

The Addicting Algorithm 

If you’ve been using Instagram for even a short while, you know that this app can be addicting. This is because Instagram developers are constantly updating their algorithm to show their users the type of content they’ll want to click on, including sponsored ads and posts. Now that Instagram has Reels, where endlessly scrolling is encouraged, it’s easier than ever to put your content out there and know that someone will see it. 
At this point, you may begin to think that this concept sounds familiar to you, and it probably does—you may be thinking about Tiktok, another popular app for short video clips. 
Although some brands love to use Tiktok to promote their business, it doesn’t work for everyone. The majority of Tiktok content is for entertainment and self-expression geared towards teens and young adults, which is not the target audience for many businesses. However, Tiktok has 800 million users worldwide, so Instagram created Reels with a similar concept to catch up. This update to the Instagram app is highly beneficial to all kinds of businesses, especially if the content is consistent—the brands who post Reels consistently are favored by Instagram’s algorithm.

To Make Connections With Your Audience

Anyone can post a photo of their logo, touched-up portraits of their team, or pay for ads with links to their website. That doesn’t mean you will attract customers. 
Instagram users want to see the process of your practice, the personality of your company, and authentic insight into your business’s mission. Using Reels even when you’re out at lunch with the team is a great way to keep things more candid and personal. If your Reels excite your audience, they will come back to your page for more, leading them to become followers and then customers. 

Need Some Help Leveraging Instagram Reels?

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