Integrating Social Media into Your Existing Marketing Strategy

In today’s digital society, the internet is a powerful force that has transformed the way that businesses small and large not only reach but also interact with their current and potential customers.
Before the internet became widespread throughout developed countries, providing an incredible opportunity for businesses to reach a broader audience, most companies relied on traditional marketing such as television and print ads. Many smaller businesses had to opt for direct mail and word of mouth marketing due to the high expense of traditional marketing methods.
All of these marketing efforts are still beneficial and have their place in your business’s strategic plan; however, social media must now also play a role.
Social Media and Your Online Presence
When it comes to spreading your business brand throughout the online world, social media has become a cornerstone.
Everything from where your website ranks on search engines to expanding your networks and utilizing online peer influence all comes down to social media engagements and interactions.
However, it is not enough to merely have a Facebook profile or a Twitter page and interact with your existing and potential customers. You must also post quality, informative content. Social media allows you to prove that you are an expert in your field, while educating and influencing your targeted audience all at once.
In short, the key for successfully utilizing social media platforms to grow and expand your business as well as its reputation is effectively utilizing content marketing.
No Time? No Problem.
By far two of the biggest complaints from small to medium business owners are the lack of time and the lack of knowledge of how to leverage social media effectively. As a result, many businesses have decided to simply avoid social media “for now.” This decision is very dangerous and will prove to be problematic in the future – social media is not going away and will continue to play a major role in the ability for people to find your company online.
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