Jumping into Social Media Marketing

social media misconceptions
Social media can be a fun landscape for both users and marketers, which often leads many aspiring digital mavens to jump headfirst into the proverbial pool. However, we urge you to take a few steps back from the deep end and read these tips before jumping into murky waters!

Social Media Is All About the Long Game

So often people new to the digital marketing world think it takes one big viral post to get your brand to the forefront of the industry. In some cases that may be true, but more often than not social media all about the marathon; building a dedicated audience takes research, tinkering, and consistently relevant content.

It Takes Constant Attention to Get It Right

Creating an impactful social media post is a lot more work than most people think. If you really want to make a splash on your followers’ timeline you have to constantly watch how your content performs and alter it! Posting is a lot more than just hitting “submit” and hoping for the best. There are a great deal of useful tools to help you gauge how effective your posts are, but nothing beats a creative mind.

A Lot of Followers Doesn’t Always Mean More Customers

It’s not uncommon to see a company outpace your follower count, but don’t fret – more followers doesn’t always equate to more sales. Your competitor could have artificially inflated their follower count by buying followers or merely boosting their posts to get a short-term follow boost. It’s far more valuable to have a dedicated audience that consistently engages with your posts than have a lot of followers that pass over your posts.

Reciprocate the Engagement

Followers and potential customers like to interact with your brand! It’s great to post creative content but it’s even more helpful to the brand to comment and engage back-and-forth with your followers. Answering questions, encouraging interactions, and taking part in their conversations are all great ways to keep your brand voice relevant.

Social Media Is Ever-Changing

Social media platforms change their algorithms and frameworks on a regular basis, sometimes monthly! It’s vital as a marketer to keep a pulse on upcoming changes so that you can keep your content current. Beyond technical changes, what’s trending changes on a daily basis in regards to new memes or trending creative styles, it’s invaluable to keep an eye on what’s “in” on each platform.


Marketing on social media is an “all hands on deck” side of marketing, but don’t stress! Our social team at Uptick is poised for any challenge and always knows what to expect from the ever-changing landscape of the social realm. Please reach out to us to learn more about our marketing services and how we can best push your brand to the forefront of your industry!