How to Keep Your Brand in Front of the Right People with Lead Nurturing

lead nurturing

This article is the twelfth chapter in our Digital Marketing Blueprint. Our series includes Identifying Your Marketing Problem (Step #1), Understanding Why Digital Marketing Is the Solution (Step #2), Creating a Digital Marketing Budget for Your Business (Step #3), Getting to Know Your Audience (Step #4), Examining Your Key Messages (Step #5), Analyzing Your Existing Online Presence (Step #6), Creating a Keyword Strategy (Step #7), Optimizing Your Website (Step #8), Developing a Content Marketing Plan (Step #9), Getting People to Your Website (Step #10), and Converting Website Visitors into Leads (Step #11). Additionally, you can download the full guide here for free!

Step #12: Nurturing Leads

Once people come to your website, you can stay in front of them until they are ready to make a buying decision—even if they don’t fill out your contact form! However, if they do fill out the form and provide you with their email address, then there are even better ways to keep your business top-of-mind.

Nurturing Leads Without an Email Address

If someone visits your business website but doesn’t make a buying decision, you can have your ad follow them all across the web (even on Facebook) for up to 120 days!

With website retargeting, you can stay in front of people who visit your website but don’t fill out a contact form or “buy” your product online. Once they leave your website, your ads will start showing up all over the internet. The great thing about this is that they have already encountered your brand, so it’s really hard to ignore seeing your ad everywhere. Better yet, it keeps your business top-of-mind until they are ready to buy!

Plus, if you couple your ad retargeting campaign with a discount, free eBook, or other incentive, then the chances of them coming back to your website significantly increase.

Nurturing Leads with an Email Address

If you have an email address, then we recommend that you not only create an online ad retargeting campaign, but also a series of automated drip emails.

Let’s say that you go to a trade show (or you capture email addresses from form completions on your website) and you now have a list of emails.

With an automated email marketing campaign, you can create a series of emails that will automatically go out to those prospects. The great thing about this tactic is the ability to nurture these leads without taking up all of your sales team’s time. Plus, you can personalize the emails to include the person’s first name.

Your Sales Team: A Key Component to Lead Nurturing Success

When it comes to lead nurturing, your sales team is your biggest asset. By knowing everything from the goals and pain points of prospects to their motivations, your sales team should be highly involved in creating content for your lead nurturing campaigns.

Since the point of a lead nurturing campaign is to lead your prospects through your buying funnel with high-quality, educational, and motivating content, your sales team will be the source of the best content ideas for your business.

The Bottom Line

What’s the point of driving people to your website and getting their contact information if you’re not nurturing those leads? For maximum online success, you should nurture those prospects until they are ready to buy.

This article is the twelfth chapter in our Digital Marketing Blueprint. Download the full guide here for free!