Knowing How to Market Content Strategy: Get the Client Buy-In You Want

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It can be a trying task for marketing agencies—yes, even for us tested marketers!—to market our core services effectively to clients. We know the importance of what we’re offering—but that doesn’t mean the client does. It’s a real skill to convey the impact of a finely tuned social media strategy or SEO-enriching blog schedule. Some industries might not see the immediate benefits of a well-crafted (and well-executed) content strategy; that’s the Achilles heel to its value. However, you can take steps to express its worth to clients in a meaningful way and achieve the buy-in you want to see. 

Talk It Up

Just as your clients are the experts in their respective fields, you’re an expert in yours. When presenting services, emphasize content strategy and its importance in the grand scheme of things. The key is to know how to leverage it in a conversation.
Clients might be put off by pricing, perception, or any number of factors. Make it known that content strategy is in it to win it. Having that online exposure leads to more traffic, which turns into conversions that improve ROI. Positioning content strategy in terms they understand—and can see value in—allows you to emphasize it effectively and sell it as a much-needed service. 

Let Them In on How Well It Works

A magician never tells his secrets, but at times, a marketer has to—or, at least, give a glimpse. Show them how content strategy fits into their overall marketing plan and why it works. As you do this, you can showcase your content workflow and give the client an overview of the content creation, review, and approval process. Emphasize their role in this process and the expectations at hand for both parties. 

Show Off Results

Think about how we market. We often build credibility through reviews, recommendations, or other reliably sourced means. We get people to vouch for us and our work. Case studies are a great way to do this. They’re kind of like a marketing catch-all; you can show off how well content strategy has worked for other clients, in similar industries, and for different purposes. 
In essence, case studies prime new and even existing clients for the content strategy buy-in you want to see. 

Discuss It at Length

Content strategy isn’t as prevalent as you might think. Many traditional agencies haven’t yet made full use of it in their process or, if they are, they’re not making it known. That’s where you can swoop in and take advantage. 
Let it be known that content strategy is in your wheelhouse. Broadcast its success: Post on social media, write blogs, feature it in your newsletter, speak at conferences and other events, etc. Basically, beat your own drum a little bit, and increase its exposure to your audience. 

Put It Out There for Others to See

This tip follows along with the previous one. To get the content strategy buy-in you want, your clients need to see it out front and center. This means you need to have it on display in multiple places, including on your website. But that’s just the start. 
You also want clients to realize that they need your services, including content strategy, on their own. Use tactics that work: a simple online questionnaire or in-person factfinder session. You already have the answer; they just need to find it on their own. When they do, they’ll be the ones asking you about content strategy and how it can work for them. 

Practice What You Preach

In marketing, you need to practice what you preach. The same is true for content strategy. Paying lip service is one thing—making a concerted, everyday effort is another. Content strategy is an undeniable asset in digital marketing, advertising, and related industries. Make use of it in all the ways we’ve outlined. Clients will likely take notice—and may even ask about it in meetings, factfinders, and follow-ups. 
Need help polishing your own content strategy? You don’t have to be a digital marketing guru to do so. Contact Uptick Marketing, and let’s set up a time to talk about a comprehensive content strategy that works well for your industry, company, and unique needs.

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