Law Firm? SEO is the Key to Getting More Clients

Google is now the homepage of your business. With the world’s every gigabyte of information available at the click of a button, it’s no wonder that 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine to find it. Furthermore, 74% of consumers go to the website of a law firm when they are ready to take action. With these stats, law firms have collectively created one of the most competitive online marketing arenas out there – and none of them are sparing a dime on SEO and other digital marketing.
It’s important to optimize your website with the most relevant and accessible keywords to boost your Google rankings. There are different types of keywords, which include the following: attention, discover, and money. Attention keywords are those typed by a consumer who is in the first stages of the process, ie., looking for more information on their particular type of case. Further down the searching funnel comes the ‘discover’ keywords, and these are used to look for information on different firm’s services. Lastly, ‘money’ keywords are when someone searches for your services. Each of these are important, so it’s vital to be ranking for some words on each of these levels.
A couple of other things to pay attention to are reviews and local directories. Having a prominent presence in each of these areas ensures that you stay on top of your search game.

On-Page SEO

Your website is the heartbeat of your business, and the second impression people receive after what they see about you on their Google search. Optimizing your website for keywords, as well as with long-form content helps Google understand what your business – in this case – your law firm is all about. Links are important, too, as a way to create a buzz about your business.
Be sure to avoid keyword overstuffing. This used to be the sole practice of SEO, but it’s now something that Google looks down on, as many companies have used it to ‘cheat’ the system. Keywords on your page are still a piece of the SEO pie, but overstuffing can harm your rankings.
Long-form content shows Google that you are a thought leader. Studies show that content of 1,890 words or more are proven to rank higher than those with a lesser count. Content types can vary in purpose, from entertainment to case studies to infographics. When you utilize a mix of each of these topics, in long form, your rankings will go up as Google trusts you more.
Lastly, add internal links to your pages all throughout your website. This will guide viewers further into and throughout your site, which leads to more traffic overall, as well as to our next topic: conversions.

Conversions – Creating Clients for Your Law Firm

It is vital to include calls to action throughout your site, whether that be call buttons, email links, or forms to fill out for subscriptions and more information. Without these, viewers don’t have the opportunity to convert into clients or advocates for your firm.
Social media is a great tool that, when used with the proper knowledge and execution, can help transform your law firm. With the creation of engaging photos and content – each with links that zoom the reader right to your site – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others will be a tool that can be used as a superpower. Compelling hashtags start a buzz among your followers, and it allows them to dive in, get to know you, and get involved with you in a way that will bring results for your firm. It builds a deep-seated trust in you, which is immeasurably important in your line of work. The key, though, is to stick to a consistent message that lines up with the keywords that you’ve used to optimize your ads and website. This is the ribbon that ties everything up in a big red bow!

Want to Optimize Your Law Firm? Uptick Can Help!

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