Local Service Ads – What Are They?

Local Service
Recently, Google has decided to rebrand their Home Service ads as Local Service ads to include services that may fall outside of everyday home repairs. It is currently in its infancy as an ad platform, but shows promise as a new pay-per-lead method for contractors. Visually, these ads will appear atop search engine results with in-depth information regarding your service.

Who Can Run These Ads?

These ads are currently available for services regarding home repairs or local repair services, such as: plumbers, electricians, HVAC, garage door contractors, and locksmiths. However, the pool of businesses that qualify for a Local Service ad continues to grow as this platform is rolled out in new regions.

How to Qualify for a Local Service Ad

Local Service ads are different from other ads in that Google requires verification of licensing and insurance in order to receive their Google Guarantee. Businesses are put through a screening process that includes criminal background checks prior to receiving approval to use the ad platform. Google wants consumers to be confident that the contractor coming into their home is both qualified and safe. Also, Google will back any Google Guaranteed contractor’s work; if a customer is not satisfied with the work completed, Google will refund up to $2,000.

So What’s the Benefit?

Local Service ads offer your business another direct way to get your services in front of customers that need your service. The platform allows you to designate what category your business falls into, and automatically assigns the most relevant keywords to your ads for the best results. All you have to do is set your budget and let it run!

Are Local Service Ads Right For You?

Our marketing team at Uptick is well versed in everything involving Google ads! Contact us today to see if Local Service ads could be beneficial to growing your service company.

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