Madison and Anna—Your New Favorite Content Specialists

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Life doesn’t always treat people fairly. Mustard is spilled on shirts before big interviews, tires turn up flat right before a big trip, and roller coaster rides leave certain people with a fear of heights stuck at the top (looking at you, Six Flags. I remember what you did when I was at the top of Acrophobia. You left me at the top of a 200 foot ride with nothing but sweaty palms and a heart of gold).
But every now and then, life decides to make up for all of its shenanigans and gives you a gift that makes life seem much more like the box of chocolates Forrest Gump’s mom said it would be. Uptick recently got two such blessings when we added a pair of incredible content specialists joining our team! How exactly have Madison and Anna changed our lives, you ask? I’m more than happy to share.

How It All Began

To really understand where we are now, we must first take a look at the journey that brought us here. Young Madison and Anna had drastically different plans for their future than where they ended up, with Anna wanting to heal humans as a doctor or nurse and Madison wanting to avoid all human contact by living her life as a zookeeper. As they entered their college years, their paths grew more clear. Madison chased her love of writing and ended up in journalism, but quickly realized that she would much rather put her pen to work in a different environment. Anna also had a crucial realization early in her collegiate career, leaving life as a biology major to pursue her love of nouns and verbs.
While you’ll recognize both of these individuals as all-star content specialists today, these aren’t the only jobs they’ve had in their lifetime—and some of their past experiences weren’t nearly as pleasant as working with the fine people at Uptick. Madison made her living dealing with poor management that refused to defend their employees in the restaurant world, and Anna dealt with similar difficulties during her time as a receptionist. The trials of these times made them stronger in the end, though, and Uptick was fortunate enough to be the company that scooped up these fantastic writers.

A Mutual Respect

Uptick has certainly been happy with the decision to hire Anna and Madison, and the feeling seems to be mutual. When asked why they enjoyed working here, they both mentioned their fellow coworkers (especially the leadership team) as one of many highlights! They both stated that their months on the job so far have felt “too good to be true,” which means they’re not onto us yet. *winky face* In regards to their specific jobs, they agree that the ability to learn so much about a range of industries while simultaneously giving a voice to our clients is a major bonus.

Life Outside of Work

While they would spend every waking hour at Uptick if they could, the rules of our nation frown on this volume of work. So, how do they enjoy their free time? Anna is fully committed to the brunch life—with Birmingham staples like Five, Mile End, Alabama Biscuit Co., Avondale Common House, and Big Bad Breakfast making up her top five. How does she burn those delicious brunch calories, you ask? Her other big weekend hobby is running! Madison also has healthy habits, with rock climbing as her strongest foothold right now. Something of a hobby enthusiast, she also enjoys learning new activities like hiking, baking, drumming, drawing, and spending time with the world’s #1 cat, Milo.
If you haven’t picked up on it yet, Madison Griggs and Anna Sims are two excellent people. We’re excited to have them on the team and even more excited about the great work they bring to our clients.
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