Make Your Social Media Content Go Farther With These Tips

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Content marketing, as you know, is king, surpassing many other marketing strategies by a long shot. And that’s why you probably spend many hours curating and refining what seems like great content. 
But what if, after all your hard work is done, your content fails to drive the traction it deserves? Does this mean you should just stop creating content? Or is there another factor you aren’t taking into consideration? 
We’re here to tell you that it’s not just about creating good content anymore. It’s time to make your content work harder. Content amplification is the process of helping your content reach a higher audience, and ultimately increase your overall reach and gain more opportunities to connect with your target audience. 
Our experts are here to help you learn how to take your social media farther. 

Why Is Content Amplification So Important?

We just gave a brief definition of content amplification: the process of promoting and distributing content on various platforms through media campaigns. Now we’ll show you the whys when it comes to amplifying your content. If used the right way, you’ll notice some strong results like: 

  • More shares
  • More web traffic
  • More backlinks
  • More leads and conversions
  • More reach and impressions
  • More sales and revenue

Can we let you in on a secret? It doesn’t have much to do with your aesthetic or design (although these things do have their place)—it’s more about how you leverage your social media platform to interest, engage, and entertain your audience. 
Let’s look at a few ways you can amplify your content on social media.

#1: Publish Informative Content

Over the past year, content marketing has had a complete makeover, and what worked before probably won’t work as well now. About 88% of B2B marketers say that their top-performing content is the content that focuses on their audience’s informational needs over their brand’s own personal messages.
Simply put, you should focus on creating content that will interest your audience and keep them reading. 
So, what kind of content are we talking about? You should create and share content that:

  • Educates people on how to perform a certain task
  • Provides information about a specific topic of your business’s niche
  • Answers questions that are commonly asked
  • Gives a framework that is easy to read, understand, and implement
  • Updates people on the latest trends and how to follow the best practices

Publishing informative content is sure to get you the likes, shares, engagement, and follows you’ve been looking for––and then some!

#2: The Power of Influencers Is on Your Side

Influencers have a controversial job that some naysayers question the validity of. Nonetheless, they have the perfect amount of engagement rates and followings that your content needs to succeed on social media. Putting your content into the hands of influencers can open up significant opportunities for you, and the right influencer can help improve the overall online presence of your brand. 
Do you want to spread the word about your brand online? Of course you do! But who should you partner with to showcase your brand in an authentic way? We recommend looking for nano-influencers and micro-influencers in your niche. Most influencers are experts at content creation––after all, it’s what they do for a living! 

#3: Use the Right Hashtags

Another way to amplify content and drive high results is by using the right hashtags in your social media posts. But how do you choose the right ones? You should look for niche-specific hashtags that your target audience follows.
We also recommend using hashtags that:

  • Your competitors are using
  • Your target audience is following and using
  • Top influencers in your niche are using
  • Are unique to your brand

Always take time to research your chosen hashtags before finalizing them on social media. Of course, AI-powered tools exist that can generate and identify the right hashtags to help you narrow down your choices. 

Are You Ready to Get Started? We Can Help!

We’ve discussed our top three tips to help you take your social media farther, but this list isn’t exhaustive––there are other strategies you can implement to drive traffic to your business and boost sales. That’s why we’re here. Call us and we’ll find a digital marketing plan that works for you.

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