What Makes Uptick Different from Other Digital Marketing Agencies


Digital marketing is a field where many people participate with all levels of skill. For example, there are agencies, freelancers, and you can’t forget your genius brother-in-law. Because of this, it can be really difficult to be able to tell whether you’ve got the right person or team working to further your business digitally. We know this, so we decided to spell out what we believe makes us different from other marketing companies. Read those seven ways below!

Just Like You, We’re Business People First

Unlike a lot of other marketing agencies and, really, many companies of any kind, we aren’t making the moves we make just to see the dollar signs. We recognize that for your business to be successful, you need marketing. And for your marketing campaigns to be successful, we need to implement integrity and honesty along with our expertise so that we can make smart business decisions that will yield solid ROI. How do we grow your business? We use marketing tools.
When hiring anyone new here, we don’t just look for someone who knows a thing or two about marketing. We are business people first, and we make sure that everyone on our team is an expert in the digital marketing realm. This combination in skill sets is vital to both your and our success.

We’re Not Going to Force You Into a Box

We offer only tailored solutions because your business has unique challenges, goals, and needs. A vast majority of marketing agencies create a template one time, and then simply utilize it for every client that comes their way. And while this may be a great time-saving method, we recognize that with all the different ways to help a business rank, plus the differing natures between every business, there’s just no way a template can produce the best possible results for every single client.
We spend a lot of time one-on-one with each business that inquires about our services. For us, it’s about really getting to know you and your business and all the obstacles and goals that come with it. That way, we can make educated decisions when creating your marketing plan.

As Your Goals and Needs Change, We Adapt Along with You

In addition to receiving a tailored plan from us, you’ll also get a marketing consultant and support from our entire team. The marketing consultant’s job is be your point-person on your digital marketing journey. They have weekly calls with you plus a monthly meeting to go over all of your analytics with you. This is because, like the digital world itself, your business and goals will change and evolve. We’re proud to say that we are right there with you, supporting from the digital side, and making the necessary adjustments alongside you so that you’re best set up for success.

We Look at Long-Term and Short-Term Solutions that Will Help Grow Your Business

With anything, it’s important to look at both the up-close and far-off problems and opportunities. We make sure to keep solutions both near and far in mind with every move we make. We do this by creating both foundational and traffic-driving plans. That way, you’re business has the opportunity for quick wins while we are optimizing your site and other elements over time.

We Work Within Your Marketing Budget to Make All These Things Happen

Even if you don’t have one, we help you establish a baseline. It’s common for agencies to come back well over your budget or for them to offer “SEO for $100” at the other end of the spectrum. Once our team has gotten to know you, your business, and your goals, we sit down together and make a plan that will be substantial, smart and affordable for you.

We Spend Your Money Like It’s Our Money

At the end of the day, the goal of marketing is to make money, so we spend your money like it’s our money. For example, with a Google Adwords campaign, we may be about to bid for a term that is running for $3 per click one day, but then the next day is running at $12 per click. Instead of using your money to rank for that certain word/term, we do the research to find other equally effective search terms that cost that $3, meaning you’re getting four clicks for that money, rather than just one. That is the beauty of having a full team working for you, rather than just a one-person-show. We touch your account five days per week, rather than setting everything on autopilot. Plus, we track and analyze everything, so there’s never a question about ROI.

Through Tracking, We Let the Numbers Do the Talking

Because we track everything, it takes the emotion out of it. We are able to make smart business decisions based on data, not feelings or opinions. Often, we will meet with potential clients that “feel” like their billboard or magazine ad is doing a great job. Of course, that is possible, but we have found that even for us, people don’t always remember where they saw your ad; they just know that they saw it. So it’s really hard to get accurate information.
With digital, it’s a totally a different story. We are able to tell you what’s working and what’s not, and the numbers don’t lie. That way, there’s no emotion or intuition involved. We can get with you to make the smartest decisions about where your money should be spent, what we should add to and what we should take away from. This is a gamechanger for a lot of businesses. Not only are they able to see what is actually creating conversions, but they adjust accordingly to really capitalize on what’s working—and that’s where the magic happens.
Looking for a digital marketing agency? Not sure who to choose? We’d love to sit down with you and get to know you and your business’ goals! Contact us today to set up a meeting.

About Jerry

Jerry (a.k.a. ‘ol’ Presentation Eyes’) is a founding partner at Uptick and our Vice President of Business Development. Jerry has 20+ years of digital marketing experience and has worked extensively with several local businesses, from dental practices to retail stores. Over his career, Jerry has worked with businesses, big and small, including brands like Target, Wells Fargo, and Coca-Cola United. He has also been engaged in several speaking events, presenting at the American Marketing Association, American Advertising Federation, and for chamber of commerces across Alabama.

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