Making of an Uptick Marketing Business Development Team

uptick marketing business development team
We know that the landscape of digital marketing can be overwhelming. There are countless service options, ever-changing trends, and a dizzying amount of tools and programs to master. It can be hard to tell up from down! This is where the Uptick Marketing business development team comes in. Our team of experts serves as our client’s guide to selecting the right services to grow their business. Keep reading to learn about our team and what sets us apart from other agencies. 

What Business Development Means to Our Team

Our team firmly believes that if they are pushing a product the client doesn’t need, they aren’t doing their jobs right. Their job is genuinely service and strategy based. Our team listens to a client’s needs and goals, and works with them to create a plan to reach those goals. If you ask our business development team what their role is, they will tell you that it’s simply serving people and helping them reach their business goals. 

What Success Looks Like for the Uptick Marketing Business Development Team

This team is unique in that it’s the first point of contact for many of our clients. They facilitate the beginning conversations of identifying a client’s goals and needs, and invest an incredible amount of time compiling research and working with our Marketing Consultants to create a plan for success. This team is fully invested in the success of our clients, and they serve with their hearts. Success for our team is simply creating success stories for our clients! When you win, we win.  

Challenges and Misconceptions

Contrary to popular belief, marketing teams aren’t always focused on being loud and in your face or pushing products. You won’t find any infomercial tactics in this office! Our business development team is wholly dedicated to our clients and working in their best interest. They also aren’t partial to any specific product. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution because every client has different needs and goals. The team works hard to understand our clients and their unique situations. So, when you think of marketing and think about the characters shouting at you on television, know that our business development team isn’t anything like them. And they don’t need to be! Our services speak for themselves. 

Tips from Our Team

Members on this team offer decades of experience and wisdom in marketing and business growth. We asked them to share some of their secrets to success. Read what they have to say!
Monica: Start with a serving heart, seek to understand, and move in your client’s best interest! It’s really about what’s going to work best for your client. Also, it’s so important to be nimble, flexible, and prepared for any questions a client may have. You must be a great communicator and knowledgeable in the industry and our services. 
Jerry: Our success comes from listening. Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. We don’t try to sell people anything they don’t need. We listen to see if we can solve a problem for them.
Interested in learning more about our approach or services? Our stellar development team is ready to get to work for your business! Get in touch with a member of the Uptick team today.

About Uptick

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