Marketing Consultant Alan Harned: My First Month at Uptick

alan harned
Here at Uptick, we really value our people. So when we brought in the newest member of our team, it was important to introduce him to the world (via the Internet, of course). We asked Alan a few questions about his experience here so far – keep reading to see what he said!

Why Did You Pick Uptick?

A: I picked Uptick because it was the perfect fit. My wife and I love Birmingham, and the position at Uptick Marketing was available at the perfect time.

What Have You Learned in Your First Month Here?

In just a month, I’ve learned a bunch about marketing. I had some experience beforehand, but Google Ads is a whole new playing field and Uptick showed me how to play the game.

What Sets Uptick Apart from Other Places You’ve Worked?

The culture! The camaraderie and teamwork here in the office are exactly what I’ve been looking for in a workplace.

What’s Your Favorite Part About Working Here?

The team, for sure.

Rapid Fire Round: We Asked Alan to Say the First Word that Came to Mind.

Uptick – Work
Jerry (his boss) – Boss; blue plaid shirts
Marketing – More than I thought
Birmingham – Home (this was a sweet one)
As you can probably tell, Alan’s a man of few words, but although the words may be few, they’re meaningful. Lastly, we asked Alan if Uptick Marketing was the best place to work in the whole world. And his answer? It was a resounding yes. (We may or may not have said it for him).

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