Marketing Directors: You Can’t Afford to Skip Content Marketing

content marketing
If you’ve kept an ear to marketing lingo, you may have heard a phrase rather loose-lipped in marketing circles: content marketing. It’s more than just a pair of buzzwords tied together—it’s a marketing tactic that saturates all sorts of marketing strategies, from SEO to social media

Why Content Marketing Has Quickly Become King

Essentially, content marketing is the process of crafting content that users will digest, appreciate, and act on in some way. The “content” in content marketing comes in a wide spectrum of mediums; think videos, blog posts, and social media polls. The “marketing” part handles when and where you share that content—and the follow-through you use once feedback returns. 
The key to content marketing is this: it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Content marketing excels at building trust between you and a user. With this style of marketing, you’re not trying to rope in a quick sale from scratch. You, through your stream of high-quality content, position yourself as both an authority on a topic and as a reputable source to reference back to. For example, a local realtor might write how-to guides about home improvement or top-ten lists for neighborhoods to live in. This kind of content does double duty. It reads as a helpful reference and ranks that realtor as a resource for potential clientele. 

Where Content Marketing Works

The beauty of content marketing lies in its versatility. Since content marketing applies to essentially anyone, it easily satisfies the awareness segment of the marketing funnel. How-to videos and articles aren’t pigeonholed to just one brand; they can prove beneficial across the board. 
Content marketing also extends to the consideration and action stages. That can be done through strategic, and sometimes subtle, means through content like compare-and-contrast charts, case studies, and FAQs. In addition, content marketing fulfills engagement and loyalty roles. Things like podcasts, newsletters, and instructional blogs all fall in this essential marketing category. 
Finally, content marketing easily cycles into advocacy. At its root, content marketing is supposed to be creative and engaging, encouraging users to return and remain hooked on your brand. For instance, some sort of rewards or loyalty program fits quite well into content marketing as advocacy. 

Content Marketing Central: Moving Forward

Content marketing comes in all kinds of stripes and shades, from informative infographics to compelling case studies. And it pays dividends if you invest time and effort into it. 
If you’re looking to reap the benefits of content marketing for your company or business but don’t know how to go about it, reach out to our experienced creative team at Uptick Marketing. We carry the know-how to translate quality content marketing into serious ROI for you. You can also browse our blog for more marketing trends, news, and helpful tips!