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You’ve worked hard to create digital content for your company. Now, how do you get your followers to actually share that content?
Check out the tips below to learn more about content marketing, including getting your viewers to actually share the content you create – not just read it.

#1: It’s All About Engagement

As my fellow social media specialist, Jessie, says, “The best results come from honest attempts to connect with others.” Consumers are looking for more ways to engage with brands. With the help of social media platforms, that is easier now than ever. However, so many brands are failing to actually connect with their target audience.

Understanding content marketing is as simple as understanding that your content should be an extension of your brand. Not only should it be entertaining, it should represent your brand and help educate your target audience. You not only need to captivate your audience, but you also want to keep them engaged along the way.
When people love your content, they share it. Shared content allows your brand’s message to reach more people, which helps grow your business’s bottom line.

#2: Less Advertising, More Educating

How do you get people to actually share your content? It’s easier than you might imagine – you simply have to post content that people actually want to share.
Think about the kind of information you would share with your friends. Informative, educational, interesting, and the latest news is what people not only read, but also are more likely to share. If all of your content is geared toward making sales and you are using social media as a big billboard,  you will likely not see many results from your content marketing efforts.

#3: Get Creative With Your Titles

Before anyone shares your content, they will first want to actually read what you write to ensure they stand behind what you have to say enough to share it themselves. Therefore, part of the equation of getting more shares for your content involves creating compelling blog titles that make people click on your post.
However, try to avoid spammy titles that we have all seen on our Facebook news feeds, such as “You Won’t Believe What Happened to Her.” Sure, you may get clicks, but if you are only utilizing those headlines to take people to spammy content, then they are definitely not going to share it.
Instead, make your headlines informative, entertaining, and accurate. Then, if people read what you say and agree, they will share it with their friends and followers.

#4: Ask People to Share Your Content

Finally, one of the best ways to get people to share your blogs, articles, and other information on social media platforms is by simply asking. Yep, it is often that simple! Include a simple “please Like and Share” and you will be surprised by how many more people your posts reach.

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Help spread your business’s message to a larger audience by creating quality, entertaining, and informative information that your audience not only wants to read, but also share.
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