Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to Millennials

millennial     miˈlenēəl/   noun

a. a period of a thousand years

b. Generation “Y” ; the largest generation thus far containing all people 19-36 years old

Many businesses today find marketing to Millennials challenging, especially with social media taking marketing to an entirely new platform.
Having problems reaching Millennials? No worries! I am here to help. Having just turned twenty- two, I have got some insight into the mind of a Millennial that can help you better connect with this elusive but powerful generation.

Into the Mind of a Millennial: Our Perspective

First things first. Millennials approach their future with a much different perspective than those in the generation before us did.
We are driven by passion and happiness, not necessarily financial incentives. Businesses must enable and accommodate those views rather than dismiss them as naive.
What once was the “American dream” is no longer as attainable nor is it as aspired to by those reaching adulthood. Young adults are not graduating college with the desire to find a decent job, save up for a house, and then settle down with two or three kids. Rather, with the endless amount of possibilities and choices given to our generation, we seek much more than the conventional definition of success. For this reason, traditional marketing techniques must be replaced with innovative and creative alternatives.
We value diversity and relationships, and we segment ourselves based on social preferences, not necessarily age or race. Market segmentation of Millennials therefore cannot be conventional either. Target markets usually associated with geographics and demographics must be redefined. For example grouping consumers together that value healthy options versus convenience when it comes to food may prove more beneficial than simply reaching out to a demographic of single women above 25.

Millennials Want to Be Involved

Part of the aforementioned passion translates into involvement. Beyond simply being informed, we yearn to be proactively involved.  We shop together, eat together, and workout together. Then, we post about it!
Word of mouth (or in this case, our Facebook status) is often the most trusted form of advertising. Engaging with consumers on social media who post about your services makes the difference. Responding and reacting to messages and feedback on social media will help you develop a relationship with your Millennial consumer. In turn, they will share those experiences with friends and family, creating a network beyond the original relationship of potential customers.
Above all, businesses must recognize we are the first generation to grow up completely online. For this reason, social media — sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Buzzfeed — is where we primarily get our news. It is convenient, quick, and easy to read. And as of October 2014, over 60% of American adults own a smartphone.*
As a result, mobile marketing and social media marketing are key.

Millennials and Mobile & Social Media Marketing

Mobile marketing refers to what consumers see on their mobile devices when they access your site. This means your site and landing pages should be optimized and responsive. Social media marketing refers to every aspect of your business on social media. It goes well beyond placing an advertisement on Facebook. In a world where every business has a social media presence, how do you stand out? Engage.
Start by keeping your message consistent, as you always should with any brand, across all platforms —  in store, online, and on social media. Be creative. Use questions and visuals, contests and humor to involve your followers. And stay relevant. How do you stay relevant? You’ve got to know your audience.
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In summary, Millennials represent a unique, yet rewarding, marketing challenge for businesses today. Now take your newfound insight, and good luck marketing to those “kids these days!”  

Need Help with  Marketing Your Business?

For more help, turn to Uptick Marketing. Contact us today! Let us help you harness the power of social media and mobile marketing for any generation.
*Pew Research Center Statistics from October 2014

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