Master Instagram’s Algorithm for Maximum Marketing Potential

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Instagram used to be a pretty straightforward social media platform—you saw pictures in reverse chronological order and liked them as you saw fit. With each new year though, more changes occur in Instagram’s algorithm that make it more difficult for casual users and professional marketers to find consistent success. While it’s a fairly mysterious process, there are certain parts of Instagram’s formula that are easy to take advantage of. We discuss some of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition here.

Aim for Engagement

While we don’t know all the details of Instagram’s algorithm, we do know one thing for sure—engagement reigns supreme! This should be completely fine with your company, because more likes means a more successful campaign anyways, and there are plenty of ways to boost your numbers. Hashtags are a simple way to bring in new responses while capturing new fanbases that may not have been familiar with your brand beforehand. This is even more true now that Instagram lets users follow hashtags specifically in addition to personal accounts.
There’s also no shame in encouraging your followers to like and share your content. Little things like asking people to tag a friend or answer a question go a long way in encouraging interactions on your page. Still having a hard time getting reactions? Giveaways are the oldest trick in the book to boost engagement! A quality giveaway post will bring in new followers, ensuring the success of future posts.

Calculated Consistency

Without overdoing it, the best way to find your groove with Instagram’s algorithm is to consistently put out content then take notes on what works and what doesn’t. It’s very important to pay attention to which picture themes, styles, captions, hashtags, and more bring out the highest engagement so you can take advantage of this knowledge moving forward. While putting out consistent content is crucial, there are specific times of each day that are known to receive the best results. There are many sites that highlight these times, and we at Uptick have noticed certain hours that work best for Instagram specifically. Around 9 am, after 5 pm, and lunchtime are some of the best posting times during the week.

Diversify Your Content

Diversifying your content certainly applies to the material itself, but when we say “diversify,” we are also talking about where you put your content. While posting on the main feed is how you receive likes, taking advantage of live streaming and Instagram stories goes a long way in bringing new customers to your page as well as staying top of mind for those that already follow you. This approach follows the consistency and engagement themes, and quite honestly provides another way to interact with your brand!

Work with a Professional

Social media is a fun digital tool, but the most successful companies understand that it’s much more than that! There isn’t a better option to consistently place your brand in front of your target audience for no cost, and it’s still among the most affordable options when you choose to boost posts. This is a window of opportunity that you don’t want to miss, and you don’t have to be an expert to jump on board. Contact Uptick today boost your business!

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Alan Harned is Uptick’s Marketing Consultant Manager. He graduated from Birmingham’s Samford University, creating video content for Samford’s athletic department right after graduation. He also completed a multi-year stint at Student Life for Lifeway Christian Resources. His work at Uptick includes leading a team of Marketing Consultants, analyzing campaign results, recommending digital marketing services and swaps, and refining marketing strategies to suit clients’ short and long-term goals best. His previous experience in video gives him a great reference point for creative work, which offers clients additional perspective when strategizing.

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