Meet Jim Hayes, a Seasoned Digital Marketer

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With over 16 years of experience as a digital marketer, Jim Hayes has what it takes to help your business create a success story. Keep reading to learn more about him and how he can help your business grow.

About Jim Hayes, Digital Marketer

While growing up in Michigan, Jim Hayes had childhood dreams of becoming a professional athlete—but not hockey like you might think. Even though he was a decent basketball player, the NBA never came calling. (Their loss, our gain.) 
After attending Michigan State University, Jim found his calling—marketing! He was able to use his people skills and creativity but wasn’t chained to his desk all day. Call that a win-win-win. He never looked back, and thankfully brought his skills and years of experience as a Marketing Consultant to Uptick Marketing.

Outside of Digital Marketing

Jim Hayes is a family man first, and a digital marketer second. He’s married to his college sweetheart, Lisa, and they have three amazing children together. Their family also includes a German shepherd, Zasha, who is 100 pounds of pure cuddles. 
When he’s not creating success stories for Uptick’s clients, you can catch him enjoying his many hobbies. Ever heard of grass painting? We hadn’t either until we met Jim! He has his own side business, PaintedYardArt, where he literally paints grass for parties or events. He also enjoys hosting bonfires with friends, taking his kids out for weekly breakfast dates, going on bike trips with his friends, and watching basketball games. (Eat your heart out, NBA.) 

Digital Marketing Specialties

With 16+ years of experience in the digital marketing world, Jim has worked with all kinds of different industries across a variety of services. You could even call him a Jim of All Trades. 
His expertise includes:

Ready to Get Started?

Jim takes the success of his clients personally. When speaking about those he works with, “They are the most resourceful, hard-working, and genuine people I have ever met.” He knows that working with a digital marketer goes both ways. His clients are trusting him with their livelihood, and he’s trusting them with his reputation as a successful digital marketer. Your success is his success.
Ready to find out how Jim can help you grow your business? Get in touch today!

About Monica

A veteran Digital Strategist at Uptick, Monica has 20+ years of experience in marketing. She earned her BA in Sociology and initially worked for an optometrist; however, she soon found her love for marketing and never looked back. At Uptick, she offers marketing solutions for new clients to help them achieve their business goals and ensure they’re seeing results. Monica enjoys her role and loves the excitement marketing can bring through the ever-evolving nature of technology and best practices; every day is a new one.

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