Meet Matt Spivak!

matt spivak
There are certain things you look for when hiring a new Project Manager for a digital marketing company: an understanding of the industry, a great work ethic, and excellent communication skills, just for starters. While those things are necessary, it’s the little things that turn a good hire into a great hire – a sense of humor, a steady handshake, and THE GREATEST TOE WRESTLING STORY OF ALL TIME. Take a look at our recent interview with Matt, and we think you’ll understand why we’re so thrilled to have him on our team.

Where are you from originally? Where did you go to high school / college?

I am a Birminghamian through and through. I’ve been blessed enough to call Birmingham home my entire life. I went to Briarwood and Samford, and I have worked in Birmingham since I graduated in 2013.

Where have you worked before?

I worked for the Intermark Group from 2013 until 2016. I then worked as the Digital Marketing Manager for Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers. I have been a contracted marketer since April, but I am happy to be a part of the Uptick family!

What are your hobbies / interests?

I love sports. Football, baseball, basketball, (kinda) hockey. If it’s competitive, I’m in! Other than that, I spend my time relaxing, listening to music, and spending time with my friends, my family, and my dogs.

What is your favorite band? Food? Movie? TV Show?

I’ll listen to almost anything, but at the end of the day, I’ll go with Dave Matthews Band. There are very few foods in this world that I won’t eat (octopus head is the only thing that I know of). It’s tough to beat Southern comfort food or a big ole cheeseburger and fries. Favorite TV show as of right now is Walking Dead! Don’t get me started… there are not enough hours in the day 🙂

Why are you excited to be working at Uptick?

I love the small family culture. I want to be a part of Uptick’s growth and success moving forward. Though I’m only a couple weeks in, everyone has helped me feel at home! Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

What’s an interesting fact about yourself?

I’m honestly not that interesting. I’m as laid back as they come and can go with the flow. One interesting fact about me is that I was the captain of the Samford Toe Wrestling team and lead our squad to the NCAA quarterfinals in 2012. We thought we had a chance to go the distance until 6-Toed-Tommy clipped his pinky toe on our hotel door and popped it completely out of socket. The devastating injury was not only a huge blow to morale, but left us short-handed…. or footed, against the 4-time defending champion, Westminster College, hailing from sunny Salt Lake, UT. The loss really took a toll on our squad, and I hung up my socks shortly after. I haven’t seen or talked to any of the guys since, and I can still get pretty sensitive about the whole ordeal.*
(*This is not a true story, but we admire Matt’s creativity enough to pretend like it is.)

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Matt is the latest piece to our puzzle of success. When it comes to digital marketing, we are the company to work with. Whether you need help with content, SEO, behavioral retargeting, or anything else in the digital world – we are the company to work with! Contact us for more information.

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