Meet Michael: SEO Strategist!

Who’s Michael Kierspe?

Michael has just graduated from UAB with a degree in marketing this December! We are thrilled he has joined our family here at Uptick. 
Some of Michael’s favorites include the movie Christmas Vacation, one of the best local restaurants — El Barrio, and the latest Netflix craze, Stranger Things. Michael also enjoys watching House of Cards and Bloodline, which he claims are one-night-whole-season kinda shows. So, I’m convinced!
Michael brings a new and unique perspective to the team. He’s a cat person, like Michelle, for starters. He is also our youngest mind, rounding out our millennial demographic. (Thanks for keeping us young, Michael!) When he’s not working on finals or SEO audits, Michael enjoys developing his lifestyle photography skills and visiting Railroad Park.

What Does Michael Do?

Michael works for our search engine optimization department. Along with Lance and Madison, he works to help execute SEO strategies for our clients through keyword research and website blueprint creation. More than 70% of customers use search engines to make purchase decisions. So, using research and website data, Michael helps optimize client websites so that they rank highly in search engine results. By increasing client rankings on search engine result pages, clients are more visible and therefore more likely to receive clicks, views, and website traffic.

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