Meet Our New Analytics Intern, Drew Jones!

drew jones
We love hiring great interns here at Uptick, and our latest find is one of the best yet! We’re thrilled to introduce Drew Jones, who will be interning with us for the summer. Drew’s focus is on analytics, but he’s been doing a little SEO here and there, too. Keep reading to learn more about Drew!

Tell us a little about yourself!

My full name is Marcus Andrew Jones IV, but I go by Drew. I am 24 and was born and raised in Homewood, Alabama. I went to Homewood High School, got my bachelor degree in marketing at the University of Alabama, and am now pursuing my Masters in Marketing Analytics at the University of Alabama. I am an athletic tutor in computer technology and business, as well as a classroom and graduate assistant within the sales program marketing department.  

What made you want to intern at Uptick?

When I decided to pursue a internship this summer, I started researching marketing firms in the Birmingham area. I would go through their website and get an understanding for what they did and what the culture was. When it came down to the end, I really thought Uptick stood out, but they did not have any internships available on their website. I decided that I was going to try anyway, and shot over an email outlying my position, who I was, and how I would be honored for the chance to work there. Obviously, I must have done something right, looking at where I am now!

What do you want to accomplish during your internship?

During this internship, I really want to broaden my skills in analytical breakdown, as well as develop my professional self. I want to develop a better understanding of what I would like to do when I finish my master’s. I think this internship is a major step in the right direction.

What do you do in your free time?

I really enjoy a variety of activities. If the weather is nice, I love to play tennis, go to the lake and wakeboard, or lay by the pool. I am very much a nerd at heart, so a good chunk of my time is invested into Marvel and Disney movies, with the occasional thriller or horror flick. I spend too much time playing video games such as Fortnight, Overwatch, and Call of Duty.  

Tell us something cool about yourself!

I have convinced a large number of people that I was bitten by a shark, but the truth is I have had scoliosis fusion, correcting my spine by nearly five inches. I also have had two arm surgeries to repair a broken arm. A majority of my top row of teeth are veneers, since I broke a couple when I was younger and the rest had to come when I got older. I like to call myself the post-modern-day Iron Man, being a nice mix of metal, addictions, and intelligence.

If you could have dinner with any celebrity, who would you pick?

I would pick Chris Hemsworth because he seems like a great guy who is kind, hilarious, and a lot of fun. I mean he is literally the GOD OF THUNDER. If not him, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone because they are two of my favorite actresses in the entire world and I know I could never stop laughing with them.

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