New Google+ Update!

It bemoans me to admit it, but Google+ is still a thing! I know, I know…right now you are thinking “Wait…WHATTTTTT….People actually USE the platform?!” Surprise! They do! In fact, millions of people are active on Google+ every single day. So, even though no one I know is using the platform, it would be unwise for businesses to overlook it, especially because Google is the Queen of all search engines! I mean, who knows – maybe using Google+ is secretly scoring businesses major points when it comes to where they show up on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)…You never know!
At this point, Google would give up on the platform if it wasn’t being utilized enough, but instead, they recently released a new update! Let’s take a look at some of the changes they have unveiled.

Out with the Old, In with the New!

In November of 2015, Google+ revealed an all-new look for the platform. This change came with a new layout, a new design, and all new functions, but making the switch wasn’t required. If you were more fond of the older layout, Google+ let you choose. However, starting on January 24, 2017, this option will cease to exist. It’s time to kick that old layout to the curb!
(Learn more about the last update on Google+.)

Actually, Let’s Bring Back Some Old!

Okay, sure, the old school Google+ layout is getting the boot, but it turns out that not all of Google+’s old ideas were so terrible. In fact, Google Events were pretty great, weren’t they? Well – also starting on January 24, Google+ is bringing these back. You can thank the popularity of Google+ Communities for the return of this valuable feature!

More Emphases on Images

The latest Google+ update made one thing clear: Google is interested in quality images. Following a step from Instagram’s recent playbook, Google+ has decided to add a zoom functionality to all photos on the platform. They have invested in a new image compression technique called Rapid and Accurate Image Super Resolution (or RAISR, for short). This new technology uses up to 75% less bandwidth without sacrificing the quality of your images.

Quality Comments

The final update is on par with what a number of other social platforms are looking to do for the future: Improve the quality of the comment section. Instagram and Facebook have both announced new measures they plan to put in place to reduce spam, and increase meaningful conversation – because that’s the whole point of social media to begin with!
Well, Google+ is clearly having some trouble with spam, too – and they will implement a way to get rid of it. Soon, instead of sifting through all your spammy comments, you will be able to hide your “low quality comments” from your view so that you can focus on the comments that matter most!
So, that’s really it on the Google+ update! I honestly wish there were more. As a social media marketer, I’m left a bit unsatisfied, but it’s safe to say that the update makes one thing very clear: Google+ is here to stay (at least for a few more years).
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