New Year, New Friends: Darla Morrison, Marketing Consultant

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Click, click, click, click. That’s the sound of peppy, petite Darla Morrison practically skipping down the hallway!
Last October, when Darla joined our team, we didn’t realize we were getting a new marketing consultant and a cheery bundle of positivity rolled into one, but that’s exactly what Darla is! Needless to say, she’s brought an energy to our office that makes the pre-Darla days look a bit like black-and-white TV. We adore the color she adds to our lives!

What Does Darla Do?

When she’s not adding a bit of sparkle here and there (and no, we don’t mean in the creepy vampire way), Darla stays busy learning all the aspects of Uptick Marketing’s services, understanding how they can be utilized by businesses, and helping businesses make the most of their money to improve their brand awareness and ROI. Most of her sales pitches are directed toward small, local companies that she wants to see develop.
Often times, small organizations just need a little boost to reach the next level, and that’s where Darla steps in. After showing the client what Uptick can offer, she helps them define a tailored marketing plan that will best improve their return on investment.
We’re picturing all this taking place over a plate of chocolate chip cookies while strings of twinkle lights criss-cross overhead. Oh, wait! That’s just Darla’s warm personality coming out again, making us feel all cozy and safe. Ahhh.

A Little Cheese is Good

Darla’s favorite place to be is with family or friends. “Not to sound cheesy,” she hedges, “but I learned a long time ago to truly make the most of wherever I am.” We believe it! Darla seems to treasure every minute of her day, whether it’s taking care of ho-hum office tasks or helping a new client revolutionize their fledgling business. The heart behind her actions is truly awe-inspiring!
When she’s not outlining marketing plans over plates of cookies (yes, we’re still clinging to that mental image), Darla enjoys photography, reading, hiking, and crafting. Hey, maybe she could present marketing options while venturing down Oak Mountain State Park’s yellow trail, and take pictures of the client’s increasingly optimistic facial expressions, and then she could Mod Podge those pictures onto some wood pallet pieces and–
No, no. We’re getting carried away again. Darla is passionate and talented in a multitude of ways, but a hiking photography session involving Mod Podge might be too much to ask.

Get to Know Uptick Marketing!

Darla and the rest of our team are ready to help your business reach the next level! Contact Uptick Marketing today to gain insight into your digital marketing strategy!