New Year, New Friends: Graphic Designer, Kelly Redding

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Last fall, SEO strategist Madison had an office all to herself. That might sound luxurious, but more than once, we found Madison doing things that suggested she might be ready for some company. There were several times we caught her gazing at the empty desk next to her while humming “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” and then there was that one morning when she inexplicably brought two cups of Starbucks to work instead of just one. We’ll never forget the dejection in her eyes when she realized there was no one else in her office to drink the second cup.
(We’ll also never forget how it felt to have an extra Starbucks up for grabs. Score!)
Long story short, Madison needed an officemate before things got any weirder, and we needed a graphic designer with mad organizational skills and a wicked sense of style. Enter Kelly Redding, Uptick’s new graphic designer extraordinaire!

Who is Kelly Redding?

Kelly, whose heart basically bursts with compassion for others, holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Montevallo. After many years organizing and teaching art programs for ministry camps, Kelly now leads an entirely different type of art program here at Uptick!
All the graphics we use for our projects, both for clients and internally, come from Kelly’s creative mind. Her graphics are then featured in social media posts, blogs, email marketing, and digital advertising. Once, we tried to get everyone to call her the “graphics-master,” but then we realized that was the lamest thing we’d ever done, so we stopped.
(She is the graphics-master, though.)

The Passion Behind the Pixels

I asked Kelly what drives her artistic passion (other than caffeine, which I assume is an integral part of any creative process). She explained that because clarity is a priority in her own life, she thrives on making others’ ideas tangible. In other words, she brings focus and definition to the world’s blurred concepts, turning what ifs into things we can see and touch.
It’s this, more than anything else, that makes us wonder if Kelly is secretly a magician.  
She may be new to our team, but Kelly isn’t new to Birmingham. Regions Field and Railroad Park hold a special place in her heart, and we totally get it! A ketchup-covered hot dog, warm weather, and great baseball make for a blissful day at Regions Field. And if you haven’t experienced a Magic City sunset at Railroad Park, you are truly missing out!

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