New Year, New Friends: Marshall Long, Digital Consultant

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Marshall Long is our newest employee here at Uptick, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him on board! Keep reading to “get the dish” on Marshall, a self-proclaimed foodie with a penchant for Thai cuisine (see what we did there?).

Who is Marshall Long?

Aside from quite possibly being the nicest person we’ve ever met (does he ever have a bad day?), Marshall is a digital consultant, which means he helps our clients with a wide variety of digital marketing services that help their businesses grow.
He’s an accomplished academic, too, having obtained an MBA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. We like to imagine that he keeps his MBA right next to his World’s Nicest Guy trophy, which doesn’t actually exist, but really should.
When he’s not magically making businesses grow here at Uptick, Marshall enjoys traveling and cooking. We must admit that we also enjoy his cooking, although we’re starting to wonder when he’s going to take us along on one of his trips. We’ve always wanted to go to Europe…

So What Do You Do, Marshall?

I sat down with Marshall to learn more about what he does for Uptick and for our community. Being the excellent consultant that he is, Marshall has a very organized, well-thought-out approach to his work. He researches businesses that might benefit from Uptick’s services, contacts them about what he can offer, and then works with the Uptick team to create a tailored service plan for that organization’s needs.
In regards to his job, Marshall says, “We’re not trying to sell the same product to every client. We are simply offering relevant services.” I have to agree with him there — Uptick Marketing offers so many different digital marketing services, from social media management to local optimization, that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all marketing plan. Marshall is committed to providing quality, individualized service to each client, and we at Uptick support that mission wholeheartedly!

Dishin’ About His Favorite Dish

As Marshall and I chatted about digital marketing services (It’s what we marketing nerds do), crazy Alabama weather, and the perks of living in an awesome city like Birmingham, I realized that Marshall isn’t just a digital marketing consultant — he’s also a foodie!
Naturally, my next question was about his favorite dish here in Birmingham (besides the ones he makes at home, of course). His top pick? The Chicken Noodle Bowl at Surin West! But his recommendation came with a grave warning: if you attempt to order the Chicken Noodle Bowl at dinner, you will be sorely disappointed, for it is only available at lunch.
Thanks for the heads up, Marshall — you may have just prevented a dinnertime riot staged by a ravenous horde of Chicken Noodle Bowl-seeking fanatics. Imagine the chaos!

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