New Year, New Us

new years resolutions
Whatever your views are about 2018, it’s time to say goodbye to the year that we’ve come to know so well. But every goodbye comes with a new hello, and the new year comes with hope, excitement, and of course – resolutions! A time to become a better version of ourselves than we were on December 31st. The Uptick team is nearly perfect as is, so I couldn’t help but wonder what such idealistic human beings could possibly name as their resolution. After much deliberation, and a group email that gave me all their answers, I think I’ve finally figured it out. Here are my findings.
My search for resolution knowledge started with Dawn, who I soon learned planned to do a “weekly purge” of all the crowded drawers, closets, and cabinets in her home. Dawn is also a very big believer in recycling (as we all should be). This led me to Hannah’s aim to reduce her use of non-reusable plastics – with straws being a major focus. She already has a reusable straw that looks pretty spiffy, if I might add.
I didn’t have to look far for Peyton’s new year’s resolution as it was the same as his Christmas wish – paying off student loans. Uptick’s published author, Anne, hopes to finish her latest book in 2019, and Alan hopes to learn a new skill. While I couldn’t get too much insight on what this skill will be, all signs seem to point towards handiwork at home. Lance wants to spend more time hiking, cooking, and sleeping. Sounds like the dream life if you ask me! BJ wanted to be more like our wonderful writer Tim, and I completely agree!
Matt provided the next information in my quest for resolution knowledge by admitting that he seeks dance lessons to compete with the unabashed moves of W. Speaking of W, he made a resolution to never make resolutions again many years ago. While I’m hurt that means he can’t contribute, I’m also inspired by his dedication to sticking to his word. The last responder to my research was Jerry who said he plans to never again respond to my insights in the year 2019. We will see Jerry, we will see.
As for this humble writer? Let’s just say by the time 2020 comes around, David Hasselhoff may be wanting to work on his beach body again after seeing all the crunches I’ve done! And learning Spanish of course. No matter what 2019 holds for our individual lives, we are exciting to work together to help our customers see their company’s resolutions become a reality! Contact us for more information on starting the new year off on the right foot.

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