Our Favorite Emoji Gifts

emoji gifts
It’s that time of year! Everybody’s thinking about gifts for their loved ones, and the question on all of our minds is what to get? Well, if you’ve got a friend or family member with a special place in their heart for social media, read on for some great emoji gifts they’re sure to love!
Now, these might not be for everyone, but we think they’re pretty darn clever. Take a look and see what you think!

#1: An Emoji Pillow

What says love like resting your head on a Heart Eyes emoji? Nothing, that’s what. This is the perfect gift for the person you love! They’ll think about you every time they snore. Isn’t that romantic?

#2: An Emoji Necklace

Again: what better way to express your love? Wear Heart Eyes around your neck to show the world you love them! Literally nobody can not like you when you have Heart Eyes hanging from your neck. At least, we’re pretty sure that’s true.

#3: Emoji Embroidery

Because regular needlepoint is so fifty years ago, amiright? With this hanging on their wall, your loved one will never feel sad! Unless you get them a crying emoji and oh my gosh why would you do that don’t you like this person at all?!

#4: Emoji Shoes

Yes, it’s the poo emoji. No, these shoes definitely aren’t for everyone. But if you’re not looking closely, it just looks like a neat design, which could be a fun private joke that nobody else gets! Like, you could exchange a look with your BFF across a crowded room that says, I’m wearing poo shoes, and then your friend could give you a look that says I know LOL, and I mean, that’s pretty awesome.

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