Why Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Saves You Money

outsourcing digital marketing
It’s an age-old question for many businesses (well, at least for as long as digital marketing has been around): Should I insource or outsource my digital marketing strategies? This can be a tough decision to make, especially when you’re not terribly familiar with everything that digital marketing encompasses.
Here at Uptick, we’re passionate about the perks of outsourcing your digital marketing. This is because we believe it’s the best use of your money, the best use of your time, and the best use of your energy.
Let’s take a closer look at all three of those aspects.

#1: Outsourced Digital Marketing Is a Better Use of Your Money.

This is arguably the biggest issue on the table. Many businesses have a set budget for marketing, and so they often default to hiring a team of people – each of which costs them tens of thousands per year – to do all of the marketing work. And if we’re being honest, many of the teams at these companies become bloated with extra people who don’t really have enough to do on their own.
However, when a company outsources, their costs are almost always lower because they are not directly paying the salaries of the people who are doing their work. They are paying the agency fees instead of the payroll plus benefits – and that’s huge cost savings for them.

#2: Outsourced Digital Marketing Is a Better Use of Your Time.

Because of budget restrictions, most companies cannot afford to hire a truly talented, knowledgeable marketing staff. This results in hiring under-qualified employees who work slowly and unimpressively, thereby requiring extra supervision, multiple work edits, and extended deadlines.
But when you outsource to a professional digital marketing agency, you get the people who know what they are doing working for you. They work quickly, they’re trained to understand your brand, and they are experts in their particular field. No guesswork, no excessive edits. Just expertise in its purest form.

#3: Outsourced Digital Marketing Is a Better Use of Your Energy.

When you have a marketing team in-house, not only are they costing you more money and eating up more of your time, they are also requiring too much of your focus. Business owners don’t need the hassle of having to manage an in-house marketing team. It’s just too much to worry about with all the other things that go into running a business.
Instead, business owners should outsource their marketing to a qualified agency, because that way, they’re not managing the marketing team – the agency is. That leaves more space for the business professionals to focus on development, sales, and other critical components of their company.

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