Pinpoint: Foursquare’s Consumer Location Targeting Platform

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You remember the Foursquare craze from a few years back? Well, people may very well make it a habit to check in at businesses again in the near future as a result of Pinpoint, Foursquare’s new consumer location targeting platform.
This new platform allows the advertiser to target consumers based on their location data. Yes, for the past six years those check ins have been archived and now they are being used to Pinpoint a more specific target demographic.
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Here is screenshot from Foursquare’s Pinpoint website giving you the numbers behind the new Pinpoint platform.

Learn Where People are Going Based on Where They’ve Been

It truly is a great insight to have with regards to a demographic you are wanting to reach. The ability to target someone based on where they have been has the potential to be hugely successful.
One important thing that the data tells you is where they are likely to go in the future. This data being available will help you allocate your advertising budget towards individuals more likely to visit a retail store, company store front, etc.
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It gives you an idea into the mindset of the targeted consumer from recent visits, affinity, and lifestyle. Foursquare’s Pinpoint offers you an abundance of data!

Know Your Target Demographic

Are you running a high-end clothing boutique and looking to be more targeted with your advertising dollars? You can look into where your target audience has been and decide if they are a good potential customer for your business!
Compare the mental image you get from someone who frequents J.C. Penney with to someone who shops at Saks. While both might appreciate a sense of style and are partial to the idea of looking good, one definitely doesn’t mind spending more in the process. Pinpoint allows you to spot trends quickly and take the guesswork out of the equation when it comes to reaching your target audience.

If You Use Pinpoint You’re in Good Company

Looking for more reasons to consider Pinpoint? The following major brands have decided Foursquare’s Pinpoint advertising platform is worth a shot:

  • Samsung Galaxy
  • AT&T
  • FedEx
  • Land Rover
  • Wild Turkey
  • Olive Garden
  • Wild Turkey American Honey
  • Coors Light
  • Choice Hotels International

Although the platform is too new for us to provide solid data or for us to recommend it to your business, it may be worth doing a little more research and determining if Pinpoint is a new digital advertising platform that you want to explore!

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