Pinterest Is Changing – Here’s How

At its conception, Pinterest was designed as a means of sharing. It’s no surprise that great marketers have discovered how to use Pinterest as a portfolio platform, allowing visitors to pin, discover, shop, and buy all in one place. In recent years, the site has turned its focus to eCommerce and has recently announced updates that will gradually roll out to the public within the next few months. These new additions come after weeks of testing among niche groups already supported on the site.

So What’s Changing?

Custom Collage Cover Images
Creating an engaging brand presence is the goal of marketing on Pinterest, and the new cover image options can give users an impactful first impression by showcasing your brand when viewers first enter your page. Admins can choose which type of pins are displayed within the cover image, showcasing recent posts or custom selected pins.
Monthly Viewer Metrics
Gaining and losing followers is an important metric to follow, but tracking your number of page views offers a better perspective of how viewers are interacting with your brand. This new feature will also be visible to page visitors, essentially replacing the follow/followers count you’ve become accustomed to seeing. Along with this comes more information about how visitors to your page are saving and searching for pins across mobile and desktop.

Pinterest for Business Tools

A few tools have already been released to the public, like the ability to rearrange boards and move pins within boards. Pinterest recently announced plans to make several additions available for businesses on the platform as well.
Pinterest already offers a website analytics feature that allows page admins to track how many people are viewing your boards and pins, and where they go after viewing your posts. Along with this comes more information about how visitors to your page are saving and searching for pins across mobile and desktop.

So How Does This Affect You?

The ability to customize user experiences beyond boards and pins gives page admins more opportunity to accurately showcase their brand. By utilizing a collage of recent or top-rated pins for your cover image, your brand identity can be the first thing a visitor to your page sees.
Pinterest’s new presentation options will make Pinterest boards easier to customize as a means of marketing and brand identity. We’ve had the ability to link Pinterest with the other major social sites, from Facebook to Google Plus to Twitter and even email, making it ever easier to integrate Pinterest into the suite of social media platforms utilized by digital marketers.
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