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pinterest for business
Pinterest tends to be viewed a bit differently than its social media counterparts, which leads many businesses to avoid the platform altogether. However, the companies that choose to dismiss Pinterest are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity, especially the companies in specific fields. While Pinterest may provide a different experience that makes it seem less friendly for advertising, it’s actually the second most influential platform when it comes to impacting a customer’s purchase decision. Do we have your attention now? Read on for all the tips that will help you maximize your business presence on Pinterest.

Focus on Imagery

A social media platform that aims to encourage hobbies and spark creativity—which is exactly the aim of Pinterest—is going to rely heavily on images. This presents the perfect opportunity for your business to stand apart from the competition. High-quality photos must be a priority to make this marketing venture worth your time, and it’s even fine to use stock photos on occasion to get that effect. Pinterest itself has discovered that the vast majority of users prefer to see “lifestyle” pictures of products rather than pictures that only show what’s being sold, so have fun showcasing all you have to offer!
While imagery does need to be the major focus, we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t acknowledge how important it is to include a descriptive and engaging caption as well. In addition to getting more information to your target audience, this space also lets you use keywords that will help your Pins appear in front of the right users in search engines.

Stay Social

This is an important part of every social media platform but is so easy to push to the side—you need to be social on your social media accounts! Pinterest is no exception. Posting content consistently is the first step to a successful social approach, but a few extra steps can go a long way to make your company seem more approachable than the competition. Take the time to follow accounts of similar brands that aren’t directly competing with your business and “like” relevant Pins to get attention in your field. You can also invite people to contribute to a brand group board, which lets users feel involved while also learning more about your business.

Make It Easy

Pinterest wants you to do well on their platform and has taken steps to boost your success! All you have to do is take advantage of these opportunities. Promoted Pins are an easy way to put your posts in front of more people, and once they are saved to a pinner’s board, they lose the “promoted” label and become another regular-looking post. Buyable Pins allow users to purchase your product without ever having to leave the app and Pinterest even makes it easy to add the option to save products on your site to the platform, which keeps your business in front of your target audience.
The best way to make Pinterest marketing easy though? Work with a company who spends each day perfecting the craft, and Uptick Marketing is that company! Contact us today to begin the process to a better social media marketing experience.

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