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The latest and greatest social media platform, Pinterest, is taking over our free time. Seriously… you will get stuck on that site for hours if you’re not careful.
So, if Internet users everywhere are so enraptured by this platform, should your business be on it? Find out today from your favorite Birmingham digital marketing agency, Uptick Marketing.

What Is Pinterest?

Established in 2009, Pinterest is a social platform used to discover and share posts known as ‘pins.’ Typically, pins are images with captions which then link to websites. Pinterest is a very creative social network geared toward those with interest in art, fashion, and food.

Users known as pinners are looking for home decor tips, art, fashion news, and more. For this reason, Pinterest could prove beneficial to many businesses, depending on their industry. Many businesses have already taken advantage of Pinterest. By creating boards with different categories and pins that lead back to their website, they are able to market to an entirely new audience.

Should My Business Be on Pinterest?

Of course, not every business should be on Pinterest. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is not made for text, long content, or even videos. Pinterest is not made for advertising. It is made for sharing images, which then link to content. For businesses, this can be a highly successful marketing tool.
Your Birmingham digital marketing agency will tell you that companies in the fashion industry, art, home decor, photography, food, or event planning industry could certainly find Pinterest useful. There are many categories on Pinterest. If your business can make boards that fall into categories like Art, Cars, DIY Crafts, and Weddings, Pinterest can help your business gain site traffic by engaging potential consumers on a new platform.
If your products or services are very visual, your content is more likely to get repinned. Beyond consumers pinning your content, you can now purchase buyable pins.

Pinterest Strategies

Optimize Your Pins
Search engine optimization should be carried over from your website to any and all social media outlets. Every pin’s title and description are more important than you may think. You want your content to be easy to find and fun to share. You also want to include your researched keywords in every post to help search engines like Google discover and display your content.

Purchase Buyable Pins
Pinterest is introducing buyable pins! This means that the content displayed through your pins can be purchased directly through Pinterest. The Pinterest purchasing system is mobile responsive to allow for a very simple checkout process. There is no cut taken from your sales, and you still handle all packing and shipping through your business. To find out more, get on Pinterest’s waitlist directly through their website.

Ready to See if Pinterest is Right for You?

Have we successfully captured your ‘Pinterest’? Find out more about making meaningful social media connections today. Contact Uptick Marketing about getting the ROI your business is looking for through successful social media engagement.

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