The Rule of 7 and Its Place in Modern Digital Marketing

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As the age-old adage goes, you must touch a potential customer at least seven times to capture their business. In a time where social media has altered so much, is this still relevant to marketers?
As a clutter of digital content bombards consumers on a daily basis, it is now paramount that a company reach prospects upwards of seven times. Social media has created unprecedented avenues of accessibility for companies to reach potential clients. Here’s how to do it.

Constructing an Impactful Social Media Strategy

Prior to publishing content on various social platforms, it is imperative to understand what resonates with your target customers. In order to construct impactful social media strategies, you need to have a pulse on what it is that delights the intended audience. Upon gaining that understanding, you can then set out to tell a compelling story of your product through social media.

Telling Your Company or Product’s Story in a Compelling Way

Choosing the appropriate medium to convey your message is just as important as the content itself. Having the ability to dictate your product or service’s value through various mediums can be the difference between creating a loyal customer or a one-time purchaser.

Images and Pictures

Creating an authentic and representative image of your product or service can connect your company to the needs of the consumer. Potential customers want to see how your product can seamlessly merge into their life or how a service is rendered by the employees. Words are not always the best way to translate the value of your service.

Video Content

Depending on your target audience, a well curated or authentic video can add a personal touch to the viability of your product. Video content should be personal and shareable in nature. You want your potential customers to see the inherent value in your product and become informed because of it. Much like written or image-related content, you must have a structured plan for your video content or series; otherwise, it may seem sporadic and fall flat with your target groups.

Consistent Blog Posts

Consistency is everything with social media content, and blog posts are a great source of regular content! Blogs can be used to educate your target audience on the issues and best practices associated with your industry and offer you a way to setup your product as a solution for the potential pitfalls your customers face.

Adapting Your Company’s Marketing to Fit the Social Media Age

Learning how to adapt to the changing landscape of social media can be a daunting task for any modern marketer. Thankfully, our team at Uptick always has the pulse on what’s new and relevant in the realm of digital content. Contact us to discover how to reach your target audience and maintain their business!

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