Searchable Social: 3 Social Networks Increasing Searchability in 2019

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Google has long been seen as the go-to source for search. Want to know how many cups in a gallon? Search it. Want to know what furniture shops are nearby? Google knows.
Though not quite a match for Google’s vast database of knowledge, social media networks have been working hard to compete with Google’s search functions, locally speaking. It seems social network sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have created their own plans with which to follow Google’s lead. 2018 was a great year for changes in search across the board with Google’s new mobile indexation structure and now it seems the top 3 social networks are making strides in their own search algorithms.


Hashtags have long been a feature within the Twitter-sphere, making it easy to chase down #funny or #nationaldogday rabbit holes for hours on end. Hashtags are a friend of search, it’s true. Twitter’s advanced search feature has changed the game for those of us who know the woes of scrolling across a funny (or even informative) tweet that we want to come back to later, only to lose it to the mix of more than 500 million tweets created everyday.
Marketers using Twitter as a social posting platform to drive traffic to their site or to increase brand awareness can optimize posts around keywords, including images and links out from your Twitter page, as a huge piece of the puzzle for ranking in Google search results – as well as within Twitter’s results pages.


The last few months have brought on a few changes from Instagram with two new accessibility features on the platform. Over the last few years, Instagram has created a more searchable platform from better indexed keywords, hashtags, alt text, and search history tendencies as some of the many ranking factors. Optimizing for the varying ranking factors can help a brand appear in the top results similarly to Google. If an Instagramer searches “beauty” in the search bar, #beauty will appear as well as several pages dedicated to the topic.


Take a moment and search Facebook for something (I used “furniture” as my search query). You’ll see a search page that doesn’t look too terribly different from the search results pages of Instagram and Twitter. This is (unapologetically) my favorite part of Facebook – search rankings.
Facebook’s search rankings are highly localized and highly optimized to show relevant, local businesses that use the keyword you’re searching for several times throughout their timeline.
Not only can businesses optimize and rank for their Business Page, individual posts and images also rank more appropriately based on audiences within the new Facebook Search.
Facebook reports an influx of over 1.5 billion searches in a day. By combining that with the searches across Google, Instagram, and Twitter, you’re bound to find at least a few sustainable leads. You’ll be spending the time optimizing not only Google, but also the top tier of social media platforms, too.
Tip: consistently posting, blogging, and posting great images are all sure-fire ways to improve your ranking capabilities across the world wide web.

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