SEO Content Strategies to Leave in the Past

SEO content strategy
Like much of digital marketing, search engine optimization is a constantly changing craft that requires those using SEO to keep up with the latest trends and understand what no longer works. While it may not be the most exciting thing to keep changing little details of your SEO strategy, it will put your company way ahead of the competition if you jump on these changes quicker than they do! Uptick is constantly monitoring and adapting our SEO strategy around the latest adaptations, and we are more than happy to share this information with our readers. Today’s blog will be discussing SEO content strategies in particular.

Outdated Keyword Strategies

SEO etiquette used to dictate that one keyword would represent a page, and the author of the page would sprinkle this keyword throughout their writing as they saw fit. While it’s still important to have a focus keyword and continue referencing it throughout your writing, writers are now encouraged to use keyword variations to create a more natural sounding body of work. A great way of finding these keyword variations is typing in your focus word in Google and reviewing the related searches at the bottom. For example, our keyword phrase is “SEO Content Strategy” but throwing in similar searches like “Content Strategy Plan,”“Content Marketing Strategy,” and “SEO Content Strategy Template” allows us to expand our range while still sticking to the script.

Lack of Consistency

Consistency is key across many fields, and SEO is no exception! Google and other search engines love to see an active site and the more routine your blogging strategy is, the more it’ll stand apart. One of the best ways to stay on top of this task is creating a content calendar that allows you to stay ahead on your writing and be reminded of when to post. While staying this consistent, however, it’s important to remember that quality goes a long way in SEO. Take the time you can spare to turn your SEO-filled writing into a great story that takes your page to the top of the search engine world.

Lacking in Originality

Another mistake to avoid while pushing out consistent quality is recycling material to create duplicate pieces of content. This is one of the quickest things search engines will pick up on and can create some serious damage in your SEO results. Taking the time to write quality work will naturally lead to more unique writing moving forward, and even blogs from the past can be changed to better fit your new SEO strategy.

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