Should You Hire a Blog Writer for Your Business?

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Blogging is an invaluable resource for businesses. People are spending more and more time on the internet and 23% of that time is being spent reading blogs and on social media platforms.
These days the question isn’t whether your company should have a blog, but whether or not you should hire a blog writer.
Content marketing is an essential part of using the Internet to grow your business. However, without outsourcing blog writing, many businesses find that their blog simply does not get updated as often as needed.
Below are a few reasons why your business should outsource blog writing to a professional content marketing agency.

Consistency is Essential in Effective Content Marketing

A dedicated blog writer brings many advantages to the table. One of the biggest is consistency. Many times a company starts off really excited about blogging and does a great job of updating their content. However, as time goes by the novelty of blogging wears off and posts become fewer and farther between.
It doesn’t take long before your readers stop checking your site or your social media presence takes a plummet due to the lack of content to post.
The truth is, hired blog writers meet deadlines. They don’t have to be in the mood to write. They do it because it’s their job and they tend to do a better job since it is their speciality.

Avoid the Writer’s Block

Coming up with blog topics week after week can be a very daunting task. Want to relieve yourself of that burden? Hire a blog writer.
Professional blog writers know how to glean information from many different sources and how to repurpose that information for your business blog. Also, hiring someone from outside of your company may offer more “out of the box” ideas and perspectives.

Intentionally Use Your Blog for SEO

internet marketing in birmingham alGood blog writers know the importance of optimizing their posts for search engines. If this concept isn’t familiar to you, consider hiring a professional.
Having tons of great information doesn’t do you any good if no one is seeing it. Getting your posts to show up in search results will get you more readers and more leads. In fact, 70% of consumers learn about a business through articles and blogs, rather than advertising.
You want potential customers to find your blog and search engine optimization will go a long way towards that goal. Having a professional content marketing expert on your side will ensure the correct keywords are used and that your blogs are optimized with your business’s online presence in mind.

Outsourcing is Cost-Effective

Another compelling reason to hire a blog writer is the bottom line. All businesses want to increase profit and decrease spending as much as possible. Hiring a blog writer does this in two ways.
First, paying someone to blog for your company is less expensive than hiring an employee. Besides their salary, there are also benefits and taxes to consider. Paying a fee per blog is a much more cost effective method. Not to mention, your employees will likely take hours to complete a blog that a professional writer can do between 30 minute and an hour.
Secondly, you get quality content written by a professional. It’s easy to make grammatical mishaps, spelling errors and other problems that will cause your blog to seem unprofessional. Knowing that 61% of US consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post, you need to have high quality writing that will appeal to your consumers.

Who Should You Hire?

When hiring a blog writer, remember that this person will be representing your business. 77% of internet users read blogs and you need someone who can speak with the voice of your company. You should feel secure with their writing style and you need to make sure they provide you with quality content.
A blog writer really has to be able to write with your target audience in mind. If your consumer base is teenagers, you want to ensure the writer is able to craft a blog that fits with that demographic. Great content marketing professionals can do just that – adapt their message to the style that is needed.

Looking for Content Marketing in Birmingham, Alabama?

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