Should You Hire a Copywriter for Your Business?

Believe it or not, good copywriters are hard to find. Very few people dedicate their careers to creating effective and compelling messages for businesses. When you need text for your business’s website, brochures, sales letters, newsletters, blog, and other marketing materials, it is essential that you hire a copywriter to ensure that you are delivering your message clearly and effectively to your target audience.
Hiring a Copywriter vs. Writing It Yourself
Let’s assume that you are starting a new business and creating a website (or you are an existing business that is revamping your existing website). When you hire a website design company, more often than not they will expect you to provide your own content (words) for the website. Why? Because they are designers, not writers.
If you decide to create the content yourself, it will more than likely take you a long time to create high-quality, informative, and compelling content that will be effective. Hypothetically, let’s assume it will take you 20 hours to get five pages of website content where it needs to be in order to be truly effective. If you charge $200 an hour, you just spent $4,000 on five pages.
Skilled copywriters are not only going to be able to product better content (even better than you could create if you took 20 hours and revised the content extensively based on feedback from colleagues), but they can also do it quicker – which means cheaper. What if you could get those 5 pages written for only $500? Then you just saved $3,500.
Mathematically and logically, it makes sense to hire a copywriter that is experienced with taking your message (or creating a message for you if needed) and effectively relaying that information to your audience.
Expertise Matters
Hiring a copywriter is definitely your best bet when creating content for your business; however, it is important that you hire a writer who has experience and can provide you with writing samples and client testimonies. If a copywriter or copywriting company is unable to provide samples then you definitely need to continue your search.
At the end of the day, a skilled copywriter is key for helping your business to clearly and effectively communicate to your target audience. Investing in copywriting services can go a long way in increasing your ability to sell your product or services.
If you are looking for copywriters with years of experience with everything from website content creation to direct mail campaigns, sales letters, and even eBooks, then call on Uptick Marketing. Contact us today to learn how we can help communicate your message more effectively for better business success.

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