Snapchat Explained

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“What is Snapchat? Why are so many millennials obsessed with sending disappearing pictures? And why do some businesses now have their own Snapchat account?”
Because I am always the first to pull out my phone to Snapchat a moment in the office, I get asked these types of questions a lot. I admit it can be confusing. Well, wonder no more! Millennial and Social Media Specialist Nisha Kashyap at your service, to explain this 21st century phenomenon (and how it can fit into your digital marketing strategy).

How Does Snapchat Work?

Snapchat is very simple to use, not as simple to explain. So, here. I’ll just show you.

What Is the Allure of Snapchat?

Why is it that I want to send videos and pictures that only last 10 seconds to my friends? Part of any trend is that it’s a trend. Over 60% of Americans ages 13-34 years old who have a smartphone use Snapchat.* You get swept up in what your friends are doing and suddenly you are obsessed, and then you realize you and your best friends (yup, these nerds) have sent over 10,000 snaps in mere months.
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Snapchat provides users a way to share their daily activities with friends, instantaneously. Instead of sending a text that says “I am so excited for you!” users can send a picture or video that shows them expressing that emotion. As the Snapchat developers themselves explain, “Snaps are a reflection of who you are in the moment. Snaps provide a personal window into the way you and your friends view the world.”
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Snapchatters can send videos and add filters. There are more options than ever regarding what you can do with the app. From the Discover feature to the ever-popular Geo Lens craze, the app has truly grown and continues to do so.

Why Businesses Are on Snapchat

Snapchat provides an extensive audience of engaged consumers. There are over 100 million active snapchatters daily.
Are you thinking of adding Snapchat to your digital marketing strategy? Start by sharing real-time content. Give your viewers a look into your latest event. Show your users behind-the-scenes visuals they would not be able to find on any of your other social media platforms. As you grow your following, you can start to offer promotions like coupon codes or contests.
But remember, don’t get swept up in a new fad just because everyone else is doing it. Consult with a digital marketing expert to decide what social media platforms best suit your business’s digital marketing strategy.

Oh Snap! Uptick Marketing Has Got Your Back

At Uptick Marketing, we are passionate about what we do, from excessive Snapchatting to providing your business with a tailored digital marketing strategy that will help you improve ROI. Connect with us today to get started!

Snapchat Glossary

  • Snap – A snap refers to the actual picture or video you take and send.
  • Chat – The chat portion of Snapchat allows you to send messages, make audio and video calls, and send stickers (like on Facebook).
  • Story – A Snapchat story is a picture, video, or series of pictures and videos that you choose to display to all of your Snapchat friends for 24 hours.
  • Filters – There are many types of filters available on Snapchat from Geo Lenses to Business Filters. These can be added to your photos and videos before you send them
    • Filters
      • After you have snapped a pic or video, swipe left/right to select a filter
    • Geo Lenses
      • While in the camera screen, press and hold on your face
      • Swipe to select a lens
      • It will tell you what to do like “raise your eyebrows” or “open your mouth”
      • Just like you normally would, tap the capture button to send a picture or hold it to record a video
  • Discover – A new way to find stories from editorial teams like CNN, ESPN, and Cosmopolitan. These are updated daily, so there is something new to see everyday!
        • Swipe left on the camera screen
        • Tap the Discover icon
        • Tap the one you want to browse, then swipe left to scroll through, and swipe up to read more
  • SnapCash – Snapchat partnered with Square in 2014 to allow users to use their debit card to pay send money to friends through the Chat feature.

*Statistics from U.S. Census.

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