Social Media – Doing It Yourself Costs Your Business

social media birminghamIf you are like most people, then you instantly think of social media and say, “Why should I hire someone when I can do this myself?”
Or, you may be on the other end of the spectrum and you simply do not see the value of social media for your business and choose not to get involved at all.
Either of these two decisions will cost your business and neither as are effective as hiring a skilled professional who has dedicated their careers to helping businesses utilize social media for better business results, among other outreach methods.
There is a lot to be said (including statistics) to counter the person who thinks that social media is not important for their business – we will save that for another post. Instead, let’s focus on the “I do not need to hire someone” assumption.

Combating the Perception of “I Can Do It Myself”

Can you, ultimately, do social media for your business yourself? Absolutely, but at what cost?
The same can be true for just about everything that we hire someone to do for our businesses. For example, you could learn how to do all of the accounting for your business. You could also spend time, money, and effort learning to code your own website. Similarly, you can also create your own legal documents – such as contracts. The list is endless.
Why, exactly, do you not do all of these things yourself? It is simple – because these individuals have dedicated their careers to these matters. They have spent the countless hours and other resources to become experts in the field that they practice.
The same is true for social media.

Focusing Your Efforts on Social Media  Puts Your Business at Risk

Can you take the time, money, and effort to spend countless hours learning everything you can about doing social media for your business? Sure. However, when you make this decision, your business suffers.
You are in business to perform your unique services or provide your unique products for your customers. The more time you take away from running your business, perfecting what you do, and staying up-to-date on the latest information in your industry, the more at risk you are putting your business.
This is not to say that you – the business owner – should not spend time engaging on social media. You should! However, you should not be responsible for deciding what is effective, what works, what doesn’t, and how to have a consistent business message across each  of your social media platforms – not to mention staying on top of the latest trends and ever-changing platforms that are available.
Leave that stuff to those who do it for a living and focus on what you do best.
In short, social media is incredibly important for your business and it is essential that it is done correctly to actually get results for your business. Would you hire yourself to do your business taxes? If not, then do not hire yourself to manage social media platforms – tools that the right professional can use to help propel your business and allow you to compete with your biggest competitors while taking your message directly to your target audience.
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