Social Media Strategies to Know for 2019

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2019 came in with a flash of fireworks and the promise of bettering ourselves, and that promise doesn’t only apply to us as individuals. Many entrepreneurs and business leaders also set goals for their companies, which usually tend to focus around pain points from previous years. Digital marketing, especially social media marketing, is one of the biggest obstacles that many companies face, making it a popular choice to take a new approach for in the coming year. But changes won’t bring successful unless they are calculated and follow the right path. We discuss some important tactics below that will help you remember for your business to have a successful social media strategy this year.

Pay Attention to Your Audience

One of the beautiful things about social media is the plethora of information and feedback about your company is already out there waiting to be discovered, you just have to find it! There are many great monitoring tools that give businesses a complete understanding of where they are being mentioned, who’s talking about them, and even how they compare to the competition. This allows you to not only discover new pain points or what’s going well, but it also gives a greater insight on how you can improve the perception your company has online.

Going Live

Paying attention to your target audience, then acting on this information creates a huge boost in social media success, but we also want your audience paying attention to you! Live videos, adding pictures to your story, and other interactive measures go a long way in keeping your name in front of users’ minds. Not everyone is going to see each post you make, but using these other tools on social media platforms allows you to bring in a wider audience. These methods also provide a way for your company to seem more human, and less like a company trying to market itself.

Quality Interactions

As we just hinted, social media users like to feel connected to the brands they follow online. It’s not fun to find your favorite brand on a platform just to feel like they are sending you ad after ad with their posts. Getting your target audience involved on your page makes them feel appreciated, and generates more interest in your page from people who may have previously not committed to a follow. Responding to direct messages and post comments at an efficient rate, hosting fun giveaways, and reposting are fantastic ways to make your audience feel appreciated – and it can be fun for your staff as well!

Make 2019 a Year to Remember with Uptick!

The expert team at Uptick Marketing is more than ready to make 2019 your company’s best year in social media! We keep up with the latest updates in the ever-changing world of digital marketing, letting you stay ahead of the competition. We’re ready to turn your digital marketing woes into a thriving point. Contact us for more information.

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