Social Media’s Place in the SEO Pie

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Social media and search engine optimization are two of the most important tools for online brand recognition, but the relationship between the two is a source of constant confusion for most business owners. Not only are the algorithms for search engine platforms confusing in regards to their social media standards—they are constantly changing! So how can companies stay on top of these important yet rapidly shifting standards? Digital marketing agencies like Uptick Marketing exist to keep up with these changes, and we’re here to help guide you through the process—keep reading. 

Go Easy on the Links

Links should make sense for social media. You have people from your target audience gathered in one location, ready to see any content you post—so it only makes sense to guide them to your website right? This reasoning made sense in the past, but changes on the social platforms have made this strategy much less appealing. First, social media platforms have placed a priority on genuine content from brands. This means you need to focus more on building connections and less on trying to convince every reader to visit your website at every moment. 

Focus on Your Site’s Content 

While links don’t need to be the focus of your social media strategy, you do need to have content on your website that makes it appealing for other companies to link to your site from their website or social media profiles. Pages that are more “salesy,” or focused on highlighting your company and its products or services, are important for your website but aren’t going to get the best engagement through social media. Focusing more on engaging content like tutorials, infographics, and videos will go a long way in getting your website more traffic—all you have to do is prioritize them! 

Quality Over Quantity Audience

It’s a good feeling to have a big social media following, but how much does a following really affect your brand? For one, having a quality audience works wonders, because it attracts the kind of industry influencers who will organically promote your products. So, a main focus of your social media strategy should be attracting these influencers and providing engaging content to extend your reach to their audiences as well. Putting your content in front of the right audience can lead to more links to your website on both social media and other people’s sites, and building relationships should always be a top priority.

Stay Updated with Uptick! 

Working with an established digital marketing agency ensures that your staff can stay focused on their everyday jobs, while you company stays ahead of the competition online. You didn’t start your company just to spend everyday distracted by digital and all its changes—and we’re happy to take this stress and turn it into a strength. Contact us for more information.