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Facebook marketing
Facebook has quickly become one of the most effective methods for companies to market their products or services. It’s cheap, relatively easy to figure out, and allows us to reach potentially millions of people with the click of a button. With all the businesses, ads, and promoting on Facebook, it can be easy to forget it was made for the individual user to connect with their friends. As the social media platform makes adjustments to improve the user experience, some companies might find that their approach to Facebook marketing isn’t very effective anymore. We discuss why here.

Facebook’s Algorithm

For a successful Facebook experience, you need to know what it’s looking for. While advertising might be Facebook’s primary source of income, that goes away if the type of ads they show drive away users. This has become even more of an issue in recent years, with negative headlines creating the need to address aggressive or bothersome ads.
Content that comes naturally and receives genuine likes, shares, and comments will continue to rise to the top. However posts that instruct users to like, share, or comment will likely be penalized, as Facebook wants you to pay for these boosts. Basically, content that keeps users coming back will rise and content that turns viewers away from the site will fail.

Things to Do

As we mentioned earlier, posts with plenty of natural likes, comments, and shares are going to have a head start. You can help yourself with this by being efficient in liking and commenting back on users’ comments. Videos are also highly favored by the Facebook algorithm. Live feeds can be used for many reasons including interviews, how-tos, and short lessons. These tend to be successful, as do original videos that are posted to your timeline.

Things to Avoid

Facebook is a tricky platform to figure out. Inexperienced marketers might discover that they are hurting their chances at success by making  simple mistakes. Little things like long text-based posts and tagging too many people can hinder your chances at Facebook success. The main goal is to seem natural, and not overly promotional. Facebook has also started a very publicized fight against fake news, which we hope none of our readers are involved in.

Uptick Can Help!

Facebook is a constantly changing puzzle that seems to switch things up as soon as companies get it figured out. Fortunately, our team specializes in staying on top of these changes and applying the solution before others even know they happened. Contact us today to improve your social media experience.

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