Successfully Scheduling Social Media

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Do you know how frequently your company should be posting on social media? This may seem like an easy question, but it’s a little more complicated than most people would think. While it makes sense to simply schedule posts for when you have new information or something on your mind, the world of social media requires a little more planning.
If you only post once every couple months, you will no longer be on the front of your followers’ minds when they are looking for goods or services similar to what your company offers. On the other hand, overloading them with too many posts can be even worse. Many former fans could grow annoyed and actually unfollow or block your business.
But how do we know what the right number of posts is? Social media is an evolving art, but there are certain patterns that tend to perform better on each platform. Let’s take a look.


Facebook is obviously a very important platform, which makes it even more important to master! The major rule of Facebook – don’t overpost! You can lose up to half of your engagement for each post if you post too many times a day. The general rule of thumb is one post per day, with 3 – 5 posts per week.


Twitter is a much more fluid site, which means more work on the business end! While Facebook users will grow annoyed with even 2 posts a day, you can tweet much more often without losing your fanbase. While opinions on the matter vary, posting anywhere from 3 to 30 times a day is okay. Take some time to consider your target market, and build yourself a Twitter plan based on their social media preferences!


Instagram can be a challenge for a number of reasons, one of which is a company’s unfamiliarity with the proper posting pace. Obviously, you want your potential clients to see your beautiful work, but over-posting will lose followers fast! Anywhere between 1 or 3 posts per day, preferably spaced out, should do the trick.


LinkedIn is a unique platform that can be used more sparingly than most. 2-3 posts a week will remind your potential employees and clients who you are without overwhelming them with content.

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