Targeting the Right Audience in Brand Awareness Campaigns

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Whether it be someone’s location, age, specific interests, or favorite sports team, Facebook marketing provides a near ideal audience-building experience for marketers. While this may seem a little creepy at first, many people change their tune upon realizing that users are beginning to only see ads that they actually want to see. 
Read on to discover a few strategies for effective campaigns specializing in all things brand awareness. 

Lookalike Brand Awareness Campaigns

These types of audiences are created from custom audiences or pixel events. 
In this case, Facebook seeks out people who are already involved with you online. This can include those who have watched ¾ or more of a video, those who have purchased, or those who have rated between 4 and 5 star and are also subscribed to your content. 
Start with building a base from high-interest interactions. For example, look at any videos that you have up. It’s a smart idea to talk to those who have watched 55 seconds of a minute-long video, rather than those who only stayed around for 3 seconds. Further, you should identify the ones who are consistent in email-opens or those who have made purchases in the past. 
This is where you can leverage solid results.
Pro Tip: When creating these lookalike audiences, you will see an Audience Size scale. This will run from 1% to 10%. We recommend setting it to between 3-5% for awareness campaigns. 

Broad Brand Awareness Campaigns

Previously, crafting a brand awareness campaign involved narrowing your audience as much as possible. Now, though that is still the main idea, it’s less of a manual endeavor. Here’s why.
Facebook’s algorithm is increasing in intelligence, and if you’ve set up your pixel correctly, then Facebook already knows who converts in your ad campaigns. Therefore, the more correct, helpful data is contained said pixel, the more effective Facebook can be for you. 
From there, the only thing you really need to worry about is the size of your audience. In this kind of campaign, bigger is truly better. It’s important to leave your audience as open as possible, because that opens the campaign up for more opportunity. For example, if your audience is only made up of women in the continental United States, then select that option and no more. In fact, don’t put in other factors like age if it’s not completely necessary. 
Pro Tip: When it comes to brand awareness campaigns, something you want to make sure you adjust is excluding audiences. You’ll want to be sure to eliminate those who are already on your email lists or those whom you’ve already done business with. 

Uptick Can Help!

You may not know which kind of campaign is a better fit for your goals, but one thing is for sure: you won’t fully know until you try it. When in doubt, test it out! Not only will you find out what works for you, but you will also find out what does not work for you, which can be just as helpful.
Need help with Facebook ad campaigns? Uptick is made up of Facebook ad campaign experts and we’d love to help you out. Contact us here.