The 12th Day of Marketing: Analytics and Reporting

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Today, we’re going to talk about a very important, but often-overlooked part of digital marketing: analyzing and measuring results through digital analytics.
One clear result of your digital marketing plans is the actual data that comes from it.  Nearly every aspect is measureable and can provide insights as to how and why certain actions are taking place. Digital gives us a unique opportunity to take advantage of this.
For example, take TV commercials. There’s often not a way to judge whether or not they’re working. Tracking success from a commercial is very difficult, if not impossible in a lot of cases. But if that commercial were an ad online, you could track clicks and conversions – which would directly tell you how effective the ad was.
Digital marketing gives us the ability to ask a lot of questions about how well our marketing is performing. Detailed reporting asks these questions, among others, and finds meaningful and actionable insights.  Knowing what actions you can take and what effect they have on your own results is the power of linking analytics and reporting.
Here at Uptick, we live for the numbers.  Measuring your page views, retweets, and length of sessions allow us to bring out true business intelligence.  The simple fact is that every action we take is made with the clear intention to measure the result.  If you make a decision without it, how can you know if it worked or not?  We’ll measure everything and then tell you why.
Reporting these numbers is fun as well.  Knowing the ‘delta,’ that is the amount in which the number has changed, excites us.  The numbers do not lie and if a 150% increase is what happened, then it is extremely important to know why and then to foster and grow that success.  A report is more than seeing the changes, though; it is having the knowledge and expertise to act on them.
If you have a digital marketing program, you should also have the capability to analyze what you’re doing and determine if it is meeting a level of success. Otherwise, you’ll be blind to problems and potential to improve. With analytics and reporting, you can tap into a wealth of data to determine what is going well and what needs to be improved upon.
Check out a preview of one of our basic reports below. We also provide very detailed reports for clients who live for the numbers, like we do!
Website Reporting

Want Analytics and Reporting for Your Business? 

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