The 1st Day of Marketing: Responsive Website Design

Mobile Friendly Website Design
Does your website scale when viewed on a variety of devices in all different sizes and shapes? If not, then you have a bigger problem than you may realize.
Let’s take a minute to explore what responsive website design is and then let’s delve into why it matters.
A responsive website means that the website itself will automatically scale when viewed on mobile devices, tablets, and monitors of different sizes. See below for a picture example.
Mobile Website Design
How does this work? Your website designer will code the backend of the website to automatically make these adjustments. Does it really even matter? Yes! Keep reading.

#1: Your Customers Expect Responsive Websites

Why, exactly, are we covering responsive website design as the 1st day of marketing? Because everything that you do online to market your business ultimately leads back to your website.
Therefore, if you are spending a fortune on online advertising that sends people to a website that is not responsive, then you are ultimately wasting money because people will leave your website once they realize it is hard to view on their mobile devices.
Don’t believe us? It’s true – and not being responsive is a costly mistake.
Over 60% of people will immediately leave your website if they are trying to search your website on a mobile device and the site is not mobile-friendly. That means that failing to have a website that is mobile-friendly is costing your business, especially since over 90% of people go from one device to another throughout the day.
Why do your customers want responsive websites? Because they are easier to navigate, tend to load quicker, and cause a lot less frustration, providing the same user-experience regardless of the type of device being used. In today’s instant gratification society, your customers simply will not search around for information – they want it immediately.

#2: Google Prefers a Responsive Website

If your customers’ ease-of-use is not enough motivation, then consider the fact that Google (and other search engines) encourage and reward responsive websites.
Google will penalize you in search results if your website is not mobile-friendly. However, in the near future we expect that penalization to extend to websites that are not responsive. (What’s the difference? Mobile-friendly is not always responsive; sometimes it means there is just a separate mobile website, which causes a host of issues).
In short, if you want to show up higher in search results, then responsive website design needs to be in your immediate future. If not, you will likely reap the repercussions in the near future.

#3: Responsive Design is Future Proof

Finally, the great thing about responsive website design is that it prepares your website for the future. If a new device comes out you do not have to worry about paying your website designer a fortune to create a new version of your website that will be viewable on this new device.
The way responsive websites are coded fully prepares your website for now and the future. Regardless of the device being used to view your website, your viewers will get the same great experience each and every time.

Is Your Website Responsive? If Not, Uptick Can Help

So, is your website truly responsive? If not, then Uptick Marketing can help you transform your existing website into a responsive website on the WordPress platform. Don’t send customers who are looking for your products or services away with a slow and frustrating website. Instead, help convert that traffic into sales by having a fully-responsive website!

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