The 4th Day of Online Marketing: Email Drip Campaigns

email drip campaigns
It can be easy, especially as a small business, to get distracted by daily operations and new endeavors. However, it is important to keep reaching new clientele in order to grow. So, how can you do just that in an effective and efficient way? Email drip campaigns are used to help lead prospective clients through your sales funnel. Check it out!

What Are Email Drip Campaigns?

Email drip campaigns are a direct form of email marketing that supplies your potential customers with specific information on how your business can address their business’s pain points. Through email drip campaigns, you can reach your target audience in a direct way, prove your value to potential customers, and direct readers to your site.

Guide Your Client’s Sleigh to Conversion

Using trade shows, networking events, and email newsletter signups are a great way to collect contact information from potential clients. So how can we best utilize those resources?
The basic idea is to send out a series of emails customized to your user based on their content consumption habits. Your first email introduces your business to your consumer and provides them with a reason to learn more about you. The next steps are the fun part! Begin with logical “if, then” statements to lead your consumers down a path to conversion.
If your first email does not receive a response, follow up to address a more specific pain point in their business with information on how your business can provide relief. When you receive positive feedback or engagement from a user who has clicked your link, you know you’ve got a “hot lead.” It’s time to get more proactive!

Let It Snow (or Drip)!

Email marketing helps you automate the next step of the process. Remember that your campaign is only as strong as its content. The best resource you have in creating content for your emails is your sales force.
Ask your team what questions they receive from prospective clients? What pain points do they face most in various industries? Using custom name fields, you can personalize each email to unique users. Have they seen success and provided value to clients in the past? Share the answers to these questions in your drip campaign emails.
People love consuming and sharing content that provides value. Remember that, and you’ll be reaching new prospects in no time!

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