The 6th Day of Marketing: Social Media

social media marketing
Is your business on Facebook? What about Pinterest? Your business could reach the next level in content marketing simply by building a social media presence. Social media marketing for your business can open new doors and get new customers through the power of direct interactions and engaging conversations.
Here’s more on how social media marketing creates engagement and helps your content marketing campaign.

Actively Engage on Each Social Media Platform

Social media platforms are not meant to be a one-way street. Rather, they are designed to encourage engagement. Through social media, you can develop a meaningful relationship with each of your customers. One of the most valuable aspects of having a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account is your ability as a business to engage with your consumers.
Sharing links, blogs, videos, and other content is merely the beginning. From there you can do so much. If you see positive comments or reviews, show those customers that you appreciate their feedback.
Make sure you always respond to negative feedback as well. Don’t let bad comments just sit unattended to on your page. Rather, find a way to answer your customer that will help you resolve your relationship. Direct them to a private message if it gets out of hand to keep from more negative feedback being publicly displayed on your page.

Content Marketing: A New Relationship

Content marketing is the easiest way to directly reach your consumer base and others in your industry. Designed to educate and inform, blogging is a form of content marketing that pairs well with social media efforts. Should your business be blogging? The answer is always yes.  See what information your business can offer. You can comment on current events or perhaps share industry news.
advertising onlineThrough content marketing, you can share your message and improve your search engine optimization efforts. Search engines are constantly searching for content that has to do with your business. The more valuable content you produce, the more likely your business will be found.
All the content you share on your website can be shared on your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as well as through email newsletters. This is so important. Rather than your Facebook page being one large advertisement, it becomes a platform on which you can share information and truly connect to others. From there, you lead customers directly to your website, improving traffic and ultimately ROI.

Trust a Social Media Specialist

Nisha’s the name, and social media is my game! Everyday I work to help my clients find their voice on social media. I work with the content marketing, graphic design, and SEO team members to create hearty content that increases brand value and spreads the right message to potential consumers across the Internet. And I would love the opportunity to help your business do the same! Learn more.
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